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If you haven't read it yet, please go to my profile first and read it so that you'd be able to understand some of the things I wrote here. :) Also, this is a story related to Greek Mythology but I changed some of the things and wrote them in my own style. Please don't hate on me if you see some inconsistencies. That is how I chose to write it. :)

TIMELINE: This story starts right after the Epilogue of How to be a Queen. Right after Hades gave the Fates the Golden Thread. This is before Aerith's Note 100 Years Later. Aidon and Aurea are born a year after Hades rescued Aerith. And this is where this story starts.


The three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos sat in front of their loom once more. A spool of golden thread that’s been split in two was in their hands. The golden thread was given to them by the God of the Underworld, Hades, just a while ago after he thanked them for giving him his queen.

The three fates used the golden thread to weave the life of Hades and Aerith’s twins: Aidon and Aurea. They let go of the other golden thread and focused on one: Aurea’s weave.

The three Fates worked on Aurea’s weave the whole day as they mapped out various events in her life.

“She’ll be given beauty like her mother’s. A charming wit like her father’s.” Clotho said as her fingers roamed over the loom.

“A great power which we shall bind until the day comes that she can use it with responsibility. We shall bind it for now for many would want to covet what she has.” Lachesis added.

“A pure heart, compassion, love and understanding beyond compare.” Said Atropos as she sprinkled these fine qualities in the weave.

“But with a pure heart comes the ability to be hurt easily, to trust fully and be vulnerable... Aren’t we being too hard on her with her power and a pure heart too?” Clotho remarked with a hint of sadness. The three Fates’ fingers stopped moving across the loom as they regarded each other.

“A pure heart is rare and it comes with many difficulties but it is very rewarding.” Atropos argued.

“Then we shall give her someone who is strong and steady... Someone who will complement her and take care of her pure heart. Someone who needs her dazzling light to brighten up his life.” Lachesis said as her fingers roamed over the other threads. She was looking for that one thread which they will intertwine with Aurea’s golden one.

Lachesis picked up a shimmering black thread and her sisters smiled at her. “Perfect choice.” Atropos remarked.

“Yes. He is strong and powerful. He will protect her and her power will complement his and tame it. Because of her, he will be able to be free once more. His strength will be her shield and her light will keep away the darkness in his heart.” Clotho said.

“Isn’t it too early to merge the threads together? They aren’t married yet.” This time it was Atropos who argued.

“No, sister. The time is perfect. The girl will grow up knowing that her heart belongs to someone. It is only with him that she will know what love is and that will save her from being hurt. On the other hand, he will always be there for her and he will protect her always.” Lachesis answered.

Atropos took the thread and intertwined it with Aurea’s. The two threads glowed brightly and it truly was a beautiful sight to behold. The black thread complemented the gold’s brightness while the gold thread added beauty to the black’s stark appearance.

“Beautiful.” The three Fates said as they stared at the pattern in front of them.

“Now who will tell him about his heart’s mate and how he should protect her always?” Atropos asked. “I will send a vision to an oracle and she can tell him.” Lachesis replied.

The Three Fates smiled once more and added the final touches to Aurea’s weave. Their eyes fell on the beauty of the black and golden thread that was intertwined. Starting now, two souls will be inseparable. Two hearts were already joined together. One will always feel the other; this is how destiny works.

“It is done.” The three Fates proclaimed in unison.


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