Chapter 19

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"Protect Achlys!" I heard someone scream out over the chaos that was happening on the roof.

The Feymon were everywhere; up in the air, laying dead on the ground, attacking us. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my system, pushing me forward as I stood in the middle of the roof, throwing blade after blade at all the non-human figures who were trying to get to Achlys and kill as many of us as they could.

I then took a second to scour the battle to see if anyone in particular needed any help and could see a young, awfully pale boy screaming in pain as he rested on the ground. He sat there with wide eyes that were trained on the large wound on his leg and his hands which were trying to stop the bleeding.

I forced my eyes away and toward the Feymon a few meters away which had its eyes trained on the injured boy. I bent down to my boot and took the dagger out of it before sprinting at the creature. It didn't see me coming in time and I was able to sink the blade deep into the neck of the Feymon.

I took a step back and watched as their eyes widened and it dropped its weapon. Their hands clawed at the dagger stuck in its neck while blood spurted out of the wound, adding more blood to the liquid already coating the roof.

Unlike the winged-beasts I had killed previously, I was frozen as I stared at its struggling. Its eyes were wide and fear filled, just like Logan's were when he was in the similar state. My chest heaved and large, quick breaths entered and exited my lungs as I stood in the middle of the fight, unable to move or even force my eyes away.

Tears pricked the back of my eyes as I watched the Feymon fall to the ground, its knees making contact with the floor underneath it.

But it wasn't the Feymon that I saw there anymore.

In its place was Logan.

His blue hair moved in the slight wind and he looked the exact same from the last time I had seen him. His hands continued to grope along his neck as the blood kept on pouring from it. I couldn't breathe properly. Each breath wavered and came in short and quick, and there was a sharp pain at the center of me that wouldn't go away.

Then Logan finally fell, his face hitting the ground underneath him. As soon as his body made contact, he disappeared, being replaced by the dead Feymon.

I continued to stand there, staring at it. No matter how much I tried moving, I couldn't force myself out of the trance. I was completely vulnerable, standing there unable to move, but I couldn't stop it. My hands shook at my sides and a ringing sound formed in my ears.

Then, just over the sound of the ringing, I could make out a voice calling out to me, my name being yelled out on repeat. Each scream of my name grew louder the closer they got. I finally was able to move and turned away, facing the voice, and saw Zack's wide eyes as he yelled at me. His head snapped from my left and back to me, and I could see that his hands were empty. I followed his gaze to see Avery staring intently on me, a dagger up in the air and ready to be thrown.

I didn't have time to move. This was it. I was about to die.

The thoughts from the moments before about Logan seemed to slip away from me as time suddenly slowed down, everything happening in slow motion.

Avery threw the knife, it flipping over and over in the air, aimed right dead center at my chest. I stood there and shut my eyes, prepared for the hit.

I was okay with dying right now.

Achlys would open the portal soon and everyone would be able to get out and get somewhere safe. Perhaps I would get to see Logan again. Get to hear his laugh as he made jokes while we watched over the rest of our friends.

Or maybe Achlys couldn't open the portal. Maybe we all die here on this roof. Maybe we could all meet up again afterwards. Be reunited in another life or whatever comes after this.

I waited for the hit and the pain that was soon to follow as the blade would sink itself into my chest, but it never came. My eyes opened back up and my brows furrowed ever so slightly until they landed on Zack who stood very still in front of me.

My mouth opened in surprise as I watched him then slowly turn around to face me. His face was blank as he looked at me, locking his tear-filled eyes onto my own.

I didn't want to look down. I didn't want to see the wound that would cause a wave of tears to slip from my eyes. I didn't want the pain in my chest to grow any more than it already was.

But no matter how much I wanted the nails to disappear from the coffin, the truth was right there.

I drifted my gaze down to the handle of the blade sticking out of his stomach and the blood that was darkening his shirt, and my heart and breathing stopped.

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