Chapter 1

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It's been three months since you and your boyfriend Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction have been living together. And recently you and Harry have been getting in to numerous fights. They seemed to happen every day at least. You had just gotten back from a romantic dinner harry took you to a fancy restaurant, Harry said he was making it up to you for when he yelled at you for no reason.

Harry: I can't believe you actually are making this big of a deal out of this!

Your-name: How can I not Harry!!! You have to freaking check-out every god-damn girl you see!!!

Harry: well obviously it worked on you didn't it?!

Your-name: I can't believe you!!! You take me to dinner then flirt with the waitress!!!!! 

Harry: shut-up okay?!!!! I don't wanna hear it any more!!! Just because I'm dating you dosn't mean I can't look at other girls!!!!! It's not like I kissed her or anything!!!

Your-name: I cant' handle you any more I hate you Harry.......(you stopped you next sentence when Harry's hand came in contact with your face.)

Harry froze and his eyes widened and he immediately came walking closer toward you. Reaching for your face.

Your- name: DON'T YOU DARE FREAKING TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!!!

Harry: Wait......(your-name) I'm so..............

Your-name: No your not!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!! (you rush out the door grab the keys start the car. Harry is chasing after you running as fast as he can. You press on the petal and start racing down the street Harry keeps chasing after you for five more blocks. Until he stops and his figure fades in the distance. Once you loose him you slow down realizing he can't catch you any more. You have no idea where to go you left all your friends when you moved to London with Harry.

No later than ten minutes your phone starts to ring. You look down and see Harry's name one the screen. You focus on his picture on the screen and have forgotten your driving. You look up and see a red light in front of you. Your muscles tighten and you tense up preparing before impact.


This was the harry styles imagine part two will come soon xx. thank you so much for becoming a fan or even reading!!! It means so much

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