✖ Chapter Sixteen ✖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Sixteen

                                                                   ※(*)Gabriel's POV(*)

             Sometimes, talking and being with Evan was the best thing in the world for me. I didn't need a shrink, or any therapy whatsoever for that matter. All I needed was someone who would really listen to me and treat me with all the kindness they naturally beheld. I needed someone who was gentle and genuinely caring, someone who wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with them.

              I just needed someone who wouldn't give up on me, like all the others did.

             Being wanted in such a way was a whole new thing to me. It wasn't in the perverted way like those several years ago. I was wanted by someone to joke with me, to talk to me, to hold me, to want to help me get better.

             The feeling made my heart race, my body warm and my mind ease. For the first time in a long while, I almost felt safe.

             Safe, but nervous. The way I was being held was both comforting and unsettling. On one hand, I wanted to lay by Evan for hours on end. On the other hand, I wanted to crawl all the way to the other end of the sofa and curl up in a ball, away from his touch.

             You see, the two of us fell asleep sitting upright. I sat in the teddy bear's lap, my head resting against Evan's shoulder and his head resting on top of mine. My knees, pulled loosely up against my chest, were nearly brushing against Evan's thigh. The living room was still toasty warm, but the blanket covering both of us was probably helping out with that.

             Taking a quiet, shaky breath, I opened my eyes to a gently lit room as the morning light peaked in through the blinds. Glancing around for a moment so my eyes could adjust, I moved my head. Evan responded with a slight stir, turning his head the other way to rest. He soon became still again, giving me my chance to move.

             Careful to avoid disturbing his slumber (because we all know how he gets being woken up, haha), I uncovered myself from the blanket and scooted off the couch. The look on Evan's face as he slept was enticing; I've never felt so bashful around a person before.

             Making my way into the kitchen, I glanced at the time on the stove and squeaked. Oh, jeez, it was 7:43! We were going to be so late for school. Not that I was a major geek or anything, but I wasn't very keen on being late for anything whatsoever.

             Racing back into the living room, I plopped back onto the couch. Evan jerked awake at the sudden motion, a slight gasp in his voice. "What the heck, Gabe? Is the house on fire?"

             "No, but our butts will be if we're late for school."

             A look entered his sleepy eyes as Evan coursed a hand through his slightly messy brown hair. "What do you mean? It's only five o'clock or something."

             " 'Or something' is right. It's almost 8 o'clock in the morning."

             A low cuss in his voice that he probably hadn't meant for me to hear, he rose from the couch in a quick manor. He took his phone out from his pocket, checking the time and wincing when seeing that I was correct.

             "Alright, I'll be back in ten. Be ready, okay?" He started tugging on his shoes, trying to fix his hair a bit in the reflection of his cellphone's screen.

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