Chapter 3: First Potions Lesson Blues

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"He's right Harry," I say in solidarity with our Godbrother, "we need to know what those beasts you call family have done to you, so we know how to proceed."

Harry stared wide-eyed at us, "Are you actually offering to help me?" He asked with tears brimming in his eyes.

"Yeah, of course we are dude," Ozzy said with a light fist to the shoulder, "but it's gonna be next to impossible unless we can either get dad outta jail, or to at least have his trial, or we can get something on those things you call relatives."

I sighed knowing Ozzy was right. With no other living relatives besides his Aunt and cousin, he'd be placed in an orphanage unless he had able Godparents, but one is in Azkaban, Ozzy's father Sirius Black, and the other, my own mother Alice Longbottom, is a permanent resident of St Mungos insanity ward. I shook myself out of my thoughts as I saw Ozzy was finished getting dressed. All three of us grabbed our bags that we had packed for today the night prior. See, we finish our homework the night of, place it in our trunks inside the book of the class it's for and place the books (and any completed homework) for the next day's classes in the bag and lay the bag on top of everything else in the trunk.

As we got to the Great Hall, we noticed, again, that we're the only Gryffindors with our bags, sans Granger. Looking over at the Slytherin Table, only Daph and new friend Tracey had their bags ready. Susan and a few of the upper years were the only ones at the Hufflepuff Table to have bags ready. And, of course, almost everyone at the Ravenclaw Table had their bags on hand with them.

We sat down and started on our breakfasts. When the other Gryffindor first year boys ran down to the table outta breath, like they're gonna be late, only to notice that everyone was still at breakfast. What's more was the fact that they didn't seem to realize that they weren't wearing their pants, instead they were wearing skirts. Okay, we pranked our dormmates, but let's face it, it was too tempting to change the times on their watches and the alarms and charming some of the girls skirts to look like pants, well Ozzy did that, the Blacks have a strange habit of learning pranking charms as well as combat charms before Hogwarts. And, well, it wasn't just the skirts, it was the full set-up, one from Patil, Brown and Granger going to Thomas, Finnigan and Weasley in that order. It's fun to cause chaos, especially when the teachers and the girls will blame them and the fact that those three (led by Weasley) would in turn blame his twin brothers who are known as The Red-Headed Terror Twins of Pranking. Rule number one of pranking, according to Ozzy, which was in an actual rulebook he had written by our fathers, a great prank is done when people may suspect or wish it was you, but you can actually lay the blame or evidence that it was done by others. And to achieve that end, come up with a few aliases the first are nicknames you use with each other that everyone knows about, the other is to leave notes claiming the deed but it is unknown save for when pranks are done leaving drama and mystery in it's wake.

Ozzy was watching the twins intently until then smirked as soon as they were distracted by their brother's odd choice of dress I heard Ozzy whisper: "Padfoot needs Mischief."

Harry and I shared a look around him, upon hearing it, everyone was too busy laughing as the spell was set to end upon laughter and let them to see and feel what they were truly wearing. Suddenly a bunch of old parchment appeared in Ozzy's hands.

"Ah, so the twins were using it this early? And around witnesses, those idiots," Ozzy tutted as Harry and I just got to read the heading 'Messers Moony, Wormtail, Griz, Padfoot and Prongs, Are Proud to Present the Marauder's Map.' As we tried to actually read it Ozzy had already cleared it by quickly saying "Mischief Managed."

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