Chapter 3: First Potions Lesson Blues

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Neville's P.O.V.

It's been a few days since that surprising Sorting. Ozzy really knows how to make an impression, maybe it's the American in him. Or perhaps it's just the Black, House Black have been known as equal parts Gryffindor and Slytherin. They're cunning, ambitious, brave, daring, they're subtle when they need to be and brash when they have to be.

I'll be honest though, neither he or Harry are what I would've expected. To find out that Harry was literally kept in the dark by Dumbledore (intentionally or not) and can see the tale-tell signs of abuse on him, no wonder he looks at awe and is skittish around new people. Like that Hermione Granger, for example, always getting on our cases for not doing homework. For Merlin's sake, we finish the homework in class because we go to our respective teachers (that are willing) and ask about what we're learning for that week and study ahead, so we finish the main assignment quickly and start on the homework if possible! (Herbology we have to do after dinner because of how intense the subject actually is.) Though we'll never go to Snape, in fact we just read the entire syllabus first and then studied ahead on our own.

I sighed as I stretched out and got ready for the day. Today's the day we have the Dungeon Bat for the first-time. And then tomorrow, I get a new wand, my wand, as Professors McGonagall and Flitwick have noticed that I've been putting too much power for too little result and had taken Pepper-Up Potion at least once a day already. This has done wonders for my confidence and Gran has allowed for Harry and Ozzy to come with me! Not to mention the last two other members of House Black and Ozzy's mum. It's gonna be interesting, my first time in Diagon with friends!

I hurried with my morning rituals and came out to see Ozzy coming into the dorm. I didn't realize he wasn't in bed, but he was covered in sweat and wearing a sleeveless shirt and some weird looking pants that seemed like it'd be too hot to wear, but perfect for the coming winter.

"Hullo Ozzy, didn't realize you were up... speaking of being up, why are you sweating and what are you wearing?" I asked curiously as Ozzy just snorted a bit good-naturedly.

"I'm wearing a muscle shirt and sweatpants with shorts underneath, and I had on this hoodie as well," he said lifting up a hooded sweater. "As for what I was doing, well I was working out, keeping fit and healthy, all that jazz, now it's time for a shower if you'll excuse me," he finished making a bee-line for the showers.

"Ah, Ozzy works-out, maybe I should join him," Harry says causing me to jump a bit, having not realized he was awake in bed. "I was wondering where he went every morning before breakfast.

"What time does he wake up for that?" I asked bewildered, but it was more of a rhetoric question, as I wasn't expecting an answer.

"He wakes up at 5 each morning and is leaving by a quarter past, I imagine he likes trying to start about half-past to get at least an hour and a half to work out," Harry answered as he grabbed a fresh change of clothes and got dressed.

"How do you know that?" I asked bewildered.

"Easy, I'm used to getting up at 4:30 each morning so I can be preparing breakfast for my Aunt, Uncle and cousin at 5 AM sharp," he answered as if every orphaned nephew prepares breakfast for their families. I only shook my head at the thought.

"Harry," Ozzy said coming out drying his hair with a towel, "We are in need of having a very long discussion this weekend after we're done in Diagon."

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