Chapter 20

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Some spicy content ahead where you see 🔞!
If you're not of age or it makes you uncomfortable, skip from 🔞 to the end of the chapter.

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Kairi poked at her lukewarm office lunch, resting her chin in her free hand. It had been almost two weeks since Kairi's interview, and the only update she had gotten was that a decision had yet to be reached on the position. She hadn't had much time to think about it though considering what had happened to Sora the previous week. She had been doing her best to be supportive, but couldn't help but feel like she could do more if she were with him in person.

Her fork briefly paused over her lunch as a thought struck her. She quickly pulled up her work calendar and counted the weeks. Sure enough, the four weeks of crunch time for Sora would be over soon! Heartless would be released at the end of this week.

As excited as she was for Sora to release his game, she was more excited at the prospect of him visiting for a few days. She discreetly pulled out her phone under her desk and double checked the dates he had booked for his flight. Once she confirmed them, she typed up a short email to Aqua to request the same dates off.

As she took a bite of the microwaved lunch, her email dinged with a response from Aqua. Already? She chewed slowly as she moved her mouse over the email and clicked on it. Aqua had approved her time off, but she also wanted to see her in her office when her lunch break was over.

Kairi didn't bother finishing the meal and simply dumped it in the kitchen trash can on her way to Aqua's office. She wasn't sure what the impromptu meeting was about but she was hoping it was another opportunity to travel to a convention. A smaller part of her hoped it was about the interview....

She knocked lightly on the door. She could hear Aqua's voice faintly call for her to come in. When Kairi entered Aqua's office, she was finishing a call. She quietly sat down in the chair in front of her desk and waited.

Aqua said goodbye to the person on the other end before hanging up and turning to Kairi. She gave her a warm smile. "I have some amazing news for you! I just got off a call with Vexen, and they have finally chosen someone for the lead position... They picked you, Kairi!"

Kairi's mouth dropped open. Once she was finally able to speak, she stuttered out, "W-what? Are you being serious?"

"Yes! This is so exciting! I knew you could do it, Kairi." Aqua's excitement was enough to finally bring Kairi the realization she needed. She got the promotion!

"Thank you so much for your help with getting me this opportunity. I promise I won't let you down!" She gushed, already bouncing out of her seat and leaning over the desk to give Aqua a hug. Aqua let out a soft "oomph!" as Kairi's arms wrapped around her but returned the hug with enthusiasm.

She patted the redhead on the back before gently pulling away. "I know you won't, but don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it."

Kairi nodded. "I'll make sure I do." She pledged.

Aqua stood up and began to walk around her desk. "With that said, the promotion does come with another perk besides the pay raise and title. Would you like to see your new office?"

Still bubbling with excitement, Kairi bounced on her tip-toes, giving Aqua a wide child-like look. "I get an office? To myself?"

"Yes! Come on, it's on the same floor, but you're a bit away from us now. I'll show you."

Kairi followed Aqua out of her office. Her heart couldn't possibly beat any faster as she started to accept that her career was about to change in the best way. Aqua led her down a couple of hallways and through a few doors. Soon they made it to a small section of the floor that seemed to house individual offices. There were no cubicles to be seen, and the kitchen area was nicer and neater than what she was used to.

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