100 Bad Days

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I have given up on the... Well "the" in the titles. Hope you don't mind. If you guys want it back, then just tell me and I'll think of something.

(y/n) pov time skip

It's been a year and a half. Me, Maki, and the rest are off to college.

Maki and I have gotten our own house. She is working twords being out band manager, so thats cool.

Me: hey, sweetie, it's time to get up. College.

Maki: it's just school but more worthless.

Me: I'll get ice cream.

Maki: yaaaay ice cream.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and shoved her boobs in my face.

Me: babe, could you not.

Maki: I don't know, can I not?

Me:... That makes no sense

Maki: yes it does.

Me: ok fine, I'll carry you down.

I walk out our room and down the steps.

Our house is three stories. Story 1 is the kitchen and living room.

Story 2 is the loft, our personal computers (in loft, sperated by soundproof curtains), and our room.

Story 3 is the recording studio, work computer, and some backup instruments for songs.

I loved it, wasn't too big, but not too small, It was just right.

Maki: how long do we have.

Me: about an hour. I wanted to wake you up early so you aren't tired. Also it takes a bit for us to get ready.

Maki: does this mean we can have fun~

Me: M-Maki!

I just blush and look away.

Maki: aw, is someone embarrassed?~

She licked her lips, and started to touch my crotch.

Me: Maki, p-please stop.

I see the lust fade from her eyes, she looks at me with tint of shame.

Maki:... Sorry, I've just been so... Pent up lately. I feel like a rabbit in heat.

Me: ok... I'll treat you after college, when we get home.

Maki: thanks honey.

She pecked my cheek then rubbed it.

Maki: you really are the best.

Me: I... Don't know about that, but thank you.

I kissed her and then get up.

Maki: but seriously, we haven't had sex in like... 6 months.

Me: no... Terrible sentence... Just awful.

Time skip

We were having a break during college and i was eating at a table.

Maki: so... how's it going?

Me: terribly... Every teacher hates me

Maki: well, 100 bad day make a hundred good stories.

Me: is that your moto now. Are you gonna get a tattoo of it on your arm or something?

Maki: take my advice idiot.

Yoshi: hiiiiii!

I look up and see Yoshi, and Sakura.

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