The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Wanna Be

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Klaus then brought his wrist up to his lips and bit it. He then presented it to Lexi and said, "Have at it, Love."

Lexi tilted her head to have access to his wrist. When her lips wrapped around the bite she expected it to have the same gross metallic taste Damon's blood had. When his blood reached her taste buds she realised how wrong she was. It had a sweet taste which made her moan lightly as she tried to pull his wrist closer.

Klaus revelled in sensation of his mate drinking his blood. His inner animal delighted, causing him to moan and grip Lexi's waist tighter with his free hand. His head burrowed further into her hair, pleasing his inner animal further.

When Lexi pulled away she made eye contact with Klaus whose eyes flickered to her lips. He brought his thumb up and swiped it over her bottom lip, collecting some of his blood. When he brought his thumb out, Lexi wrapped her mouth around it. Eager to taste his blood again even if it was just a drop. Further keeping the eye contact, she licked her lips.

Klaus couldn't contain himself as his eyes continuously flickering to her lips. He began to notice her doing the same. His inner animal pleaded for him to kiss her, claim her as his. Just as he was about to go for it, Lexi jerked away. Confusion flooded Niklaus' mind, had he done something wrong?

Lexi flinched again. A burning sensation taking place just above her hip. She applied pressure hoping to lessen the pain.

"What's wrong?" Klaus said concern clear in his voice as he swallowed nervously his hands lightly placed over her waist. When the pain didn't get better Lexi lifted her shirt slightly to see

A tattoo?

Lexi had gotten a few tattoos before but she could not recall getting this one. She also hadn't been drunk enough to do it recently. She then looked up at Klaus who was staring at the mark, smiling. Smiling not smirking. Lexi furrowed her brows slightly trying to figure out what was happening. Reading the emotions in his eyes she saw 




Again Elijah's words played over in her head. 

"It's a soul mark" Lexi mutter under her breath.

"And a beautiful one at that" Klaus said finally taking his eyes off of the mark, looking up at Lexi. Lexi then finally looked at the mark. It was beautiful. It was a Chinese dragon. It was small enough to be covered with three fingers but was also quite noticeable, not that Klaus was complaining. It was just above her hip, around where the waist band of pants would sit.

(like this but along her hip bone)

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(like this but along her hip bone)

Klaus ran his thumb down the body of the dragon causing Lexi's breath to shudder as chills went down her spine.

"Wisdom and strength" Lexi whispered Klaus was confused by her statement. "Dragons symbolise wisdom and strength."

When Lexi's phone got a notification, the pair suddenly became very aware of their proximity and positioning. Lexi slid of Klaus' lap and checked her phone. Not before Klaus could shoot her another one of his signature smirks, knowing the affect he had on her. The notification was a message from Damon, something about the originals, stakes and a spell. Lexi ignored it. Instead choosing to send Rebekah a text telling them not to kill anyone of the Salvatores or other Scooby gang members.

When Lexi looked up from my phone Klaus was standing next to her. He offered out his arm.

"As you were clearly lost earlier. Shall I give you a tour, M'lady." he said sarcastically. She accepted his hand, linking their arms.

"You shall my lord" She said in the same mocking tone, matching his energy.


After the tour, the pair decided to watch a movie whilst waiting for the other to return. During the movie, Klaus gave in to his urges. He placed his arm around his mate and leaned his nose in towards her neck slightly. Lexi questioned him and he explained.

"Your scent"

"I'm going to need significantly more context" Lexi said.

"It's a mate thing, our inner animals get pleasure-" Klaus started, nervous his mate wouldn't approve of his affection. "In your scent. And your scent is most clearly smelt" he continued gesturing to her neck.

"From my neck" Lexi said still processing, "is that what Kol was doing earlier?"

"Yes" Klaus said instantly recalling the moment she was referring to.

"Okay, sure, whatever I guess" Lexi said, moving her hair out of the way, "just no biting or other funny business."

"You're okay with this?" Klaus questioned still sceptical, not wanting to make his mate uncomfortable in any way.

"Yeah. This whole mate thing is new to all of us, I'm open to at least trying whatever weird mate things you guys are into and some how I feel like this one is less weird than the possible others." Lexi said, "Plus you all seem to really want to smell me."

Klaus smiled at her words. He couldn't have asked for a better mate. He then pulled her in front of his lap so her back was against his chest. He moved her hair to one side before wrapping his hands possessively around her waist, rubbing circles on his soul mark through her shirt. He then began to nose at her pulse point, his face nuzzling into the crook of her neck as she continued to watch the movie.


When the Mikaelsons returned home, there was an undeniably awkward and tense conversation, trying to avoid the topic of Niklaus and Lexi's bond. This took place whilst Finn was making Lexi dinner, none of her mate's wanting to leave her side. After eating and trying not to die of second-hand embarrassment whilst sitting through the conversation, Lexi put everyone out of their misery by saying she was tired and was going to go to sleep.

She was not tired


Lexi got changed into some shorts and oversized shirt. After hours of scrolling aimlessly on her phone and drawing she tried to fall asleep.

Key word tried

You would think finally being able to sleep on a soft mattress, with nice pillows and new sheets would make for a great sleep especially since Lexi hadn't slept in anything even close to similar... Well, ever.

When Lexi rolled over yet again she checked to time on her phone.


She had been in the room for just over 5 hours. Lexi decided that she wasn't going to be able to sleep in this room tonight. That left two options,

1 pull an all nighter
Pro: can do whatever I want
Con: Mates would probably be concerned

2 leave the room
Pro: sleep <3
Con: could end in an awkward situation

After dwelling on it for a moment Lexi decided she was going to leave the room. When she left her room she entered the darkness of a hallway.

But she could see?

She realised that the hallway was being faintly lit by the light coming from under one of the doors. 

That looks promising

Lexi thought to herself. She then proceeded to open the door slowly. As she was temporarily blinded by the bright lights of the room, before her vision could adjust she heard someone say,


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