"Come on" he said pulling at my wrist "what" I said confused but walking with him "we are going outside come on" he said I walked outside with him but pulled my wrist away from his hold after seeing how people looked at us "I don't think we should keep talking to each other zayn" I said walking slowly behind him he stopped and turned around "we arent even doing anything just talking" he said turning around and walking again, he is right we are just talking, what's the harm.

We made it outside and I sat down on a bench zayn sitting next to me, I looked at the sky seeing all the stars, "how are u" zayn randomly spoke up I turned looking at him weirdly "what?" I said confused how come he asked how I am "how are u" he said looking at me straight in my eyes "good actually" I said "how are u" I asked him.

"Good" he paused "actually" he said smiling at me I rolled my eyes at him and looked up at the sky again maybe I should stop being outside because I randomly get tired my eyes started to close softly and I blinked repeatedly trying to stay awake, "it's okay to fall asleep" zayn said I looked at him and I just realized how close we were.

I hummed as a response and I rested my head on his shoulder I'm really tired I thought while I was resting my head no I shoulder fall asleep I should be with Mattheo right now I thought I opened my eyes seeing as zayn rested his head on top of mine, I stood up realizing what I'm doing is not good.

"I have to go" I said to zayn leaving without hearing what he responded with, I walked back inside and entered the ball room seeing Draco, Theo, aurora, blaire, Blaise, Lorenzo and Mattheo I walked over and realized Astoria was talking to Mattheo, I'm going to bed Mattheo can take care of Alice, before they could see that I was nearby them I walked away I'm tired I thought while walking up the stairs alone seeing as people looked at me weirdly because I wasn't with Mattheo.

I walked to halls in the manor going to walk to my room but got stopped by a certain someone "zayn" I paused "didn't I just leave u a couple minutes ago" I said "yes actually u did but I saw as Mattheo was with a-" I cut him off "Astoria" I finished his sentence "yes he is with her" I said walking away but he walked next to me "where are u going" he asked "to my room because I'm tired" I said my eyes feeling as if they are about to close any second.

"Come on" he pulled on my hand leading me somewhere "zayn I'm really tired I don't want to be walking around or whatever" I said he pulled on my hand still leading me somewhere "relax I'm just taking u to my room" he said I stopped walking with him and pulled myself back putting my whole weight in holding myself back from walking with him, "I'm not going to do anything to u y/n I'm just bringing u to my room because it's closer and ur already practically falling asleep" he said calmly there was no hint of lies in his eyes.

"No im fine with walking" I said "y/n Im not going to do anything to u" he said now annoyed "fine but if u lay another hand on me I swear zayn I will literally rip u limb my limb" I said now walking again but as we were walking and about to turn a corner I saw a photographer she took a photo of us while we were walking shit this looks super wrong I thought im really hoping she does not publish that if she does there is going to be so many problems I thought.

We soon made it to Zayn's room and I looked around seeing the room I would always be in every night "either u sleep on the bed or the couch but I know u will want the bed so im sleeping on the couch" he said unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off "I don't have my pjs" I said im definitely not sleeping in this dress I thought, he threw me his shirt and i stood up going to the bathroom.

Oh how this room brings back memories I thought I slipped of my dress and changed into his shirt I looked at the dress that was laying on his bathroom floor and I went to pick it up but as I did I saw my ring finger my wedding ring I thought, i left the dress on the floor walking out of the bathroom as I left the bathroom I saw zayn going to the couch I feel bad, don't feel bad he is only sleeping on the couch for one night I thought.

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