Nightmare Comfort Series: Amajiki Tamaki

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Pairing: Pro Hero Amajiki X gn!Reader

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Pairing: Pro Hero Amajiki X gn!Reader

Summary: Amajiki comforts you after a nightmare.

Contains: SFW Fluff, Roommate Trope

Word Count: 740

Trapped  in an all too familiar place

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Trapped in an all too familiar place. It was the stuff of nightmares. Literally. You willed yourself to wake up. Over and over again you tried. Something, or someone, answered your silent prayers. Your eyes finally snapped open only to be met with the black darkness of your bedroom. Your hair stuck to your neck with sweat. You placed a hand over your racing heart and closed your eyes again. You had to calm down, or you'd never get back to sleep.

It wasn't real. You reminded yourself. As you focused on your breath, you thought you might have heard a knock at the door. Believing it was just the sound of the house settling, you stayed wrapped in your blankets, counting as you inhaled... 1... 2... 3... and exhaled... 1... 2... 3...

Another knock, a little louder this time, interrupted your train of thought. Your heart began to pound again. You bit your lip as you decided that you would have to answer it. If they knocked any louder, they might wake up the other housemates. You pulled back the covers and tiptoed towards the bedroom door. You slowly turned the knob, the door opening with a squeak. You peered through the small opening in the door to find a familiar face.

The Pro Hero called Suneater didn't meet your eyes as he whispered, "May I come in?"

You opened the door enough for him to slip in as an answer. Once he was inside, you quietly closed the door. You turned back to find him still avoiding your eyes as he stared at the books stacked on your nightstand as if they were the most interesting things in the world. What you didn't notice, however, was that he was subtly checking on you out of the corner of his eye.

"Everything okay?" You asked softly. The sweat that still clung to your neck and back met the cool air. You folded your arms as a chill ran up your back.

The shiver didn't go unnoticed by Amajiki. He grabbed your robe that you had flung over the back of a chair and held it out open for you to slip your arms in, turning his head to the side so you couldn't see the blush across his cheeks. You couldn't help but smile at the gesture.

You gratefully accepted the help and allowed him to help you pull the robe up on your shoulders. "Thank you, Amajiki."

He muttered something under his breath that you didn't quite catch. "Sorry, what did you say?"

"I-I asked if you were a-alright..." He repeated, only slightly above a whisper.

You winced inwardly. You were trying so hard to escape the nightmare that you hadn't thought about the noises you could have been making outside of it. "Ah, did I wake you? I'm so sorry."

"'S fine. Are you okay?" He asked again with a little more confidence.

"Um..." You hesitated, pulling the cotton robe tighter around yourself for warmth. "If I'm being honest, no, not really."

He took a deep breath as if preparing himself for the next thing he wanted to say, then stuttered out, "D-do you want me to stay?" He fumbled with his hands as he avoided your eyes yet again.

So sweet... "Do you want to stay, Amajiki?" You asked softly, bowing your head a bit to catch his eyes beneath his indigo bangs. He turned away, his face flushed.

You waited patiently as he collected himself, and smiled at how easily he was flustered despite knowing each other for so long. He could have let either of the other roommates come to your room to check on you, but he had taken it upon himself to see to it that you were okay.

He slowly turned to you, his face still red as a tomato. His eyes flickered from yours back to the floor and then back again. After another deep breath, he said, "I would like to stay, if y-you're okay with that."

"I would really like that."

After settling into your bed, albeit a little awkwardly, You turned on your side, your heart already calmer than it was before. As you closed your eyes, you felt Amajaki running his fingers slowly through your hair. You let out a breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding and relaxed into his touch.

"Sweet dreams, Y/N." He whispered as you dozed off into an easy slumber.

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