Iron Scraper 01

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The one‐eyed man pulls his old handcart at junk yard

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The one‐eyed man pulls his old handcart at junk yard.
Wipe sweat away, identifies if it's fake or original.
It seems that that's is not what he expects , throw away the junk with sigh.

A little son holding something like it's an important is coming with silver cat.
The man finds an old dagger in son's arm, looks be glad at moment but immediately he feels a pang of regret in the end.

In this planet area, few years after the ship belonging to some famous millionaire crashed in an accident.
That accident handling is almost finished.
But many bandits and rowdies come to seek valuable things like art treasure that they left. So the security situation is deteriorating these days.

This father and son live on a shoestring at Nagaya, Japanese style single story row house, in a castle town with citadel. People living at Nagaya support them.
It can't be a rich but hear their voice with liveliness.

"Hey Taka-no-ji ! You looks tired , huh ?"

"How was your day , Take-chan? "

People in the town talk to them who getting back to their home with handcart.

" Dad ! "

The son of one-eyed man is sitting on the handcart and pull out the dagger from sheath , proudly show it to his father.

" Back it to the case , Takeru. It's dangerous. "

He looks boring but return to sheath.
His father takes it form his hand quickly, looks around and put inside his kimono.

... Hope won't get into trouble...

Feel line of sight by someone and look back.
Takeru stares.
He has good intuition. This boy has moderate mental retardation and autism since birth.

The man pull himself together and says.
" Takeru, what you want to eat tonight ? Your dad cooks tasty dinner for you !"
" Tebasakiiii "

Tebasaki is Fried chicken wing. He holds his cat and calls his favorite food with big smile.

There is a shadow of person who is looking at the parents from far away.

" Did they see me?"


A room of Nagaya.

The son got full and sounds sleep with cat beside his father.
The man get into deep thought in the dark room without light not to make waking up his son.
He stares that dagger and it has some family crest that he have seen before.

"Maybe waking up! "

Before I realized it, I fall asleep.
Woke up to the sound of Takeru's voice in comforter.

"Good morning, Takeru.
 Can you help me to cook breakfast, please? "

"Today, I have a very important things to do so please wait me at cage with Irene and Brigida after school, OK? I will pick you up after my work is finished."

He see off his son, somehow find neatly working clothes in his closet, get ready to go out.

At the last, take out the dagger and wrap it by cloth again carefully and put it inside his kimono clothes.

With a painful look, the man go to the town.


Many shops line up in the castle town and full of lively voices.

"Takeru, I'm back"
"Hah? Takeru doesn't come here today."
"I just thought you are with him."

Irene gets realizing what is happening now and turns white.

"Oh my gosh! Takeru!?"

Tak rushes out of the cafe and run in the direction of the school.

"I'm sure you'll be waiting at school."

Even if he put out in words, anxious feelings fill him more and more.

On the way to school, in a small square,
Takeru is sitting snugly and enjoys drawing pictures on the ground.
Next to Takeru, a well-built and muscular man looks into Takeru's painting and compares it to his own painting.

"Takeru !!"
"Where were you? I said you please wait at cafe with Irene after school."
"I'm drawing picture with this Mr ! He never drawn before, you wonder too? "

The man tilt his head, it doesn't look suitable for his big body, check two drawing by hisself and Takeru.

"You are great painter , huh? How can I do like you?"
"Let's draw more carefully!"
"What, aah?"

Taka is relieved to crouch down and see Takeru's picture.
Takeru has always been good at painting, I know I'm a well-meaning parents but I want him to draw pictures and live quietly and happily.

"So where is katana?"

The man asks you not to be heard by Takeru.
Immediately Taka become strained.

"Well, I know. You don't put it out honestly."

The man hefts Takeru lightly by one hand and jumps to back.

"Well, sorry for cliché but. Isn't it a little too be honest?
Haha. I found you,  swordsmith.
You are the only one who can forge steel to make the Katana in the universe , aren't you?
I have looked for you but only I could get was rumors.
But now I understand, because you are hidden in such a lonely iron scrap town.
Come on! Katana or your son! "

"I don't know what you're talking about.
 Nothing to do with him. Release now."

"If you want your precious son to be returned, come to our hideout with katana!
Until tomorrow.
Take your katana and come alone to the abandoned house in the west outside the citadel.
If you don't come, I don't know what will happen with your dearest son! "

"Take him. See you later? "
"Wait! Takeru!"
"Dad !!"

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