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    Welcome to the second book in the CHOCOLATE SERIES!

                In this book, you will get a savory taste of Ruby Denise Dane and Christopher Maurice Portland's lives as they share their years together.

            There will be emotional roller coaster rides, funny breaks, and moments where you may get frustrated to the utmost core, however, I can formally promise you that it is worth the read.

              Please, see things from all sides as you experience the different character's point of views. If you don't agree with something a character does, do not call them dumb or start a war in the comment section with someone else who thinks differently.

           Everyone has different opinions. 

Things will get crazy and things will get wild. If you're one of those people that likes to get real slick and rude in the comments, then don't even bother to comment, keep your rude opinions to yourself and keep it moving.

  Also, this book is rated MATURE. If you cannot handle violence, profanity, or sexual content, please exit this book now, or simply skip over that proportion if you wish.

       With that being said, this is the SECOND BOOK in the CHOCOLATE SERIES. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Chocolate Dreams |SEQUEL|Lies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!