040. personal fairytale

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Junior Prom was nearing and Holden was actually excited about the entire thing

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Junior Prom was nearing and Holden was actually excited about the entire thing. She and Mike were going together, which wasn't unexpected by any of there friends or the Glee club.

The blonde had also helped her many friends with who they were going with. Despite Quinn, Rachel and Puck's poly relationship it was Quinn and Puck who were going together.

Rachel thought seen as the pair were running for the Prom court she should take a step back for the night. She'd dance with both and spend the night with them, but her date for the night was Sam who didn't want to go stag.

Santana and Brittany were also going together, but Santana wasn't ready to come out to the entire school and Lima because it would spread like wildfire if she went with just Brittany.

So she, Brittany and then Matt and Mason were going as a group. They were going in their respective couples but to outsiders it would look like they'd be going in 'straight' pairs.

Holden hated that four of her favourite people had to 'straight pass' and hide themselves, but she knew what McKinley was like and she knew what Lima was like and understood Santana's fear.

She was accustomed to whispers, and looks following her when she's in a coffee shop because she chose to have her son. But that was one decision she would always be glad she made, she didn't care what middle aged people said and did.

Asher was her son, and she'd gladly burn down the entire state for him.

As Junior Prom approached, the more excited the blonde got. Her dress was already picked out, and was a Versace dress her mom owned. Both Holden and Quinn were being given dresses from Elara who had one of the nicest closets in Ohio. Quinn was given a pale pink lace dress, while Holden was given a pale sage green chiffon dress.

Mike had already been to make sure his suit went with the colour of Holden's dress, and the blonde couldn't be more excited for prom.

Knowing it will definitely be a lasting memory of hers.

Holden and Mike walked into Prom hand in hand, and were blown away by the beauty of the place. The gym had been transformed into something out of a fairytale.

There were hanging flowers covering the designated dance floor and the stage was lit up with fairy lights, rather than balloons there were flower arrangements and the entryway into the hall was covered by a large archway decorated in vines, and string lights.

And as the night progresses the more Holden never wanted the night to end, everything was perfect. The people she considered a second family were all happy, and Holden spotted couples she knew were rather hidden in being public dancing without a care in the world.

When Principal Figgins took to the stage and the Prom court stepped up, Holden's grip on Mike's hand tightened, nerves erupting in her for her sister. Due to the blue eyed blonde knowing how much winning would mean to the green eyed blonde.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the McKinley Junior Prom Queen is Miss Quinn Ray" Figgins announced and Holden screamed and cheered for her sister as the crown was placed on her head, "and the Prom King is Mr Noah Puckerman."

note (27/08)

                    okay, firstly I'd like to thank all my readers for their patience in my uploads.

Over the past couple of months I've faced many personal struggles, however I won't bore you with them and I'm not in a place where I owe anyone an explanation.

I use writing as a creative outlet, a way to distract myself from day-to-day life. I understand that you may enjoy my writing, and want updates but some of the messages I've received in relation to my lack of updates are so rude and hurtful.

I don't mind the messages, asking nicely and have tried to get back to every one of those. But the ones that are demanding me to post and are downright rude I have an issue with.

So I've made the decision I'll finish publishing this book up to the beginning of season three. I'll even post a characters chapter for season three, but if I continue to publish this book after that will be decided soon.

However, currently I'm leaning to not so much. So within a number of chapter I may decide to leave this book, it will stay published but I'll add into the summary wether it has been abandoned or not.

I am currently losing interest in Glee, and am a lot more involved in the Marvel fandom as well as the Harry Potter (both golden era, and Marauders).

And, I have a Marvel story I am currently planning and have written a few chapters for that follows a original character I've made. That I'm a lot more passionate about than this story.

I don't owe anyone a apology or explanation in why my updates have been non existent recently and I won't be given either.

I will however thank anyone that has been supportive of me and this book.

For those of you interested, Quinn's dress

For those of you interested, Quinn's dress

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