Niall cheating

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You and Niall have been dating for a while. You know each other, you love him. The relationship has been tough because he has to travel a lot with the band. He's been away in L.A. for 2 weeks, and rumor has it he's cheating on you. You've barely talked because he's been so busy, and when you do talk you can’t find the words to bring her up. You get home from school one Friday and put on your sweats. It’s rough the way people look at you, not necessarily pity. The tears have been held back all day, but you couldn’t control them once you got home. You crash on the couch and put on E! News and it’s a commercial. Curled up in the blankets with tears streaming down your face you think, this can’t be true. I know him. The show comes back on, "Is One Direction boy, Niall Horan, cheating on his girl, we have the latest scoop." you choke out a whisper “It’s not true" The picture comes up of Niall walking close and alone with that girl. "If you thought that One Directions Harry Styles was the flirt, well take a look at Niall Horan getting close with a girl in LA, when he has a girlfriend waiting for him at home. These rumors have not been completely confirmed but they have not been denied. Horan said they were 'just friends' but they've been out to lunch alone seen laughing together.--" There was a knock at the door. Mom probably forgot her key. You get up and glance in the mirror your make up is ruined mascara streaked down on your cheeks, your nose is stuffed, and you’re gasping for breaths. And hair is in the messiest bun ever. You open the door and it’s Niall. You’re speechless. He says "Hi" You’re breathless. "Can I come in?" You slowly nod your head. He walked over by the couch and noticed that he was on the news. He turned around you noticed his eyes were filled with tears "It breaks my heart to know that I’m causing your pain, I need you to trust me when I say that me and Megan are just friends, we knew each other in grade school. And I was smiling because I was telling her about you." He wiped the tears from under your eyes and kissed your nose "And I need you to know that no matter where we are in the world and no matter who I’m with, I love you and I always will”