Chapter Thirty-One - Undone

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Chapter Thirty-One — Undone

There is a role of a lifetime and there's a song yet to be sung and there's a dumpster in the driveway of all the plans that came undone.

-Death Cab For Cutie

I told the guy at work I couldn't go out with him. He was twenty-one and okay looking but he had a kid. Yeah, I'm not kidding. He had a baby with his ex-girlfriend at the age of sixteen and was now raising the child on his own. He worked full-time at my department store in the toy section. He was lively and customers loved him but I just couldn't go out with a man who was with child. Not when I hadn't even turned eighteen yet. Roman didn't have to know that the date wasn't happening, though.

I hung up the phone with Kip (the twenty-one-year-old father) when Terry walked in. "Hey, SJ, can we talk?"

"Sure..." I said uncertainly. I swear if he were here to get me to apologize to Meagan I would rip him a new one. It was obvious that my civilized friendship with Meagan had crashed and burned. Emily and Christine were extremely proud of me, but I had to face the girl every time she was over to see Terry. Talk about exhausting.

"The other day, when you said Christine was upset about what I did... you meant it?"

I stared at him. Were boys really this dense? "Uh... yeah."

"I didn't think she liked me that much..." He admitted running his hand through his hair. "We hung out and stuff but whenever I tried to get near her she'd come up with an excuse not to hook up."

"Terry, she was young. You can't expect her to put out when she's so inexperienced."

"I just... Meagan had made it so clear she wanted me. I remembered thinking that girls who liked guys acted like Meagan so it meant that Christine didn't like me. I never considered that she might just be shy..."

"So what are you going to do?" I asked.

"What do you mean? Meagan's my girlfriend... I know you don't like her but... she means a lot to me."

"Okay." I agreed. Terry and Meagan were inseparable; I could never expect him to break up with her just because I didn't like her. "Besides, Chris is over you."

"She is?"

Yeah, Chris was still into Ashton. Ashton was still a player. What could you do? "Yeah, don't worry."

"I should still apologize..." Terry said. "Thanks for letting me know, SJ."

"Sure." I always knew that Terry had a good heart. Maybe this whole Meagan thing had been an unfortunate misunderstanding. However, it was irreversible, Terry was already crazy about Meagan.

"So, I hear you're going out on a date..." Terry smirked.

"Rome told you?"

"Eh, he asked me if I knew 'the asshole who had asked Sam out'" Terry laughed, "so who is he?"

"I'm not going out with him. He's twenty-one and has a kid. But if Rome asks, tell him he's a hot, older guy who's totally into me."

Terry burst out laughing. "Will do."

When Terry left my bedroom, my cell phone started to ring. Ironically, Christine was calling me. "Hey." I answered.

"Hey! So I'm thinking you and me, single girls' movie night. I have popcorn and drinks and chocolate. What do you say?" She chirped excitedly. "We could stream Fifty Shades of Grey or The Notebook or whatever you want."

I smiled. "What about Emily?"

"I said single girls. She's with Judson." Chris sighed. "Those two are inseparable."

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