A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (33)

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Whitney's (Pov)

"Where are we going? Can you slow down you're going too fast." My lungs are burning from all the running and effort I am putting in trying to keep up with this new stranger. After I took his hand he began to drag me through this off white forest for what seems like half an hour but I cannot be sure. We have woven through so many trees and I am beginning to wonder if this man really knows where he is going. Also that demon hound or dog or horse or whatever it is seems to be leading the way.

"You will see when we get there, and no I cannot slow down. How about you speed up, otherwise the demon that kidnapped you will be nipping at our heels soon enough."

 "What? Is Eitan that close?" Panic fills me, he couldn't have caught up to us this fast could he? "No not yet but he will be if you do not pick up your pace."

"Well excuse me but if you haven't noticed I am not in the best shape."

I struggle to pick up my feet more to make up for lack of speed and stamina. Oh how I regret not working out more or dieting more. Though I suppose if I knew I was going to be taken to a demon filled dangerous world where I would need to be fit I would have gotten healthier. Or I would have hidden underground for the rest of my life to avoid my fate, probably the latter option.

 "Yes I did notice, and that is your own fault, now if you do not wish to go back to Eitan I suggest you stop speaking and start running." He all but growls out at me, and how dare he agree with me about my fitness, you just don't do that to a girl. I mean really he has no manners what so ever. I feel a slight pang in my chest because his lack of manners reminds me of another demon that lacked in manners, Kieran. I wonder if he still has control over Will, or is Will still unconscious? I cannot spend my time thinking about Will and Kieran now. It makes me feel too guilty and worried because I left him and it was a mistake.

"Come on it is just a bit further and then you can rest." I pump my legs harder and faster praying that we can soon stop. But if Eitan really is close behind us stopping is just not an option. Just as I feel like I am about to collapse the new stranger man completely stops. I slam into is back and release a yelp from my mouth. The stranger turns and claps his hand over my mouth and crushes my body against his.

 "Shh, we need to be quiet. I think I may have underestimated him." Him, who is him, is he talking about Eitan? I want to voice my question but that is a bit difficult to do when you have a demons strong hand covering your mouth. The stranger wraps his arm around my waist and drags me backwards. Then suddenly I am pulled down into a tree, or the base of a tree. I blink my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I am in like a cavern beneath a tree and the roots are surrounding it.

Dark soil covers the ground but what stands out the most about his hollow is there are hundreds of what appears to be mushrooms. The mushrooms are giving off this putrid sulfur like smell, and I am trying to hold in a gag. The stranger places us into a sitting position with my back pressed up against his. His hand is still covering my mouth. His hand is cold and clammy but I really wish he would let go so I do not have to breathe through my nose anymore.

"I am going to let go of your mouth but you have to promise to be quiet. Your demon he's close, the smell of these setas will cover our scent. But if you make a sound he will hear it and will find us. Do you promise not to make a sound?" I simply not my head yes, I cannot do anything else.

He removes his hand and I take in a deep breath through my mouth. I then try to even my breathing out, but I do plug my nose this smell is so horrid. I have the urge to cough so badly but I know that if I do I may blow our cover. I really don't want to go to Eitan and face my uncertain future. It is true that my future is uncertain just as much with this stranger but at least he did not buy me.

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