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May 24
3:00 pm

I honestly don't know what was going on with Britain, but ever since he got here today he's been acting weird. I don't know if it's because they have to move in for a while or what, but I really wasn't fucking with it

Like usual I decided to spend my free time in the pool, however instead of swimming around I just chill on the side while sipping my feet in the water with my Burberry two piece and shades on and my hair in a messy bun

"I should've known you would be out here" I could hear Eliza say which caused me to look and I saw her headed outside with two cups and a bottle of casamigos

"Ouuu you know what I like" I smiled and she laughed while coming over and sat down beside me sticking her feet in the pool as well. She handed me a cup and poured some of the liquor in both before sitting the bottle down

"You finished moving all your stuff in?"

She nodded, sipping from her cup "girl you know I don't waste no time. I like to get shit over with"

"I see that. I think everybody's here but Jt of course"

"Oh Britain here? I didn't see him"

"Yeah" I answered "he been acting weird though. You know what's wrong with him?"

"No. I ain hear from him yesterday. But I did smoke with him the night before"

"Damn all of y'all be chillin without me? I feel left out"

"No it was just me and Britain"

"Ohhhhh" I took a sip "what y'all been doing"

"Just talking and chillin... I did ask him did he like you though cause I always peep how he be looking at you"

"How he look at me?"

"Yeah. But I mean you beautiful as hell so everybody looks at you like that but with Britain it just was a difference. Almost like how it be drooling over you but in a different way"

I chuckled "oh wow"

"Yeah I asked him but he said it wasn't nothing like that"

I drink some more of my cup as she started talking again

"But I do need to tell you something. And you gotta promise me you won't say NOTHING at all"

"I promise"

"After we started smoking shit just happened and...we ended up fucking"

And there the fuck it is!

I rose my eyebrow

"Wait, forreal?"

Eliza nodded while smiling "it was sooooo good Gia. Britain was blessed with a whole lot of dick and knows exactly how to use it"

"Okay then Britain... I would've never guessed"

"Me either. But that's probably why he acting weird. Cause you know how your daddy feel about any of us fuckin with each other. The only person that obviously don't care to say how he feel in public is Jt. All of us know he obsessed with you"

"You think so?"

"Gia" she looked at me with a blank face "bitch be forreal. You know he obsessed with you. I'm surprised you ain entertain him yet cause Jt is fine as hell"

I finished the rest of my cup and sat the cup down before taking my hair down and ran my fingers through it

"No I'm good off that. My life is already complicated enough as it is" I simply responded before getting out of the pool, grabbed my towel and dried my legs "I'm about to go change. You wanna hit this gym with me"

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