Chapter 17 : Sleeping Beauty

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"Five more minutes!!" I yelled at Grinny

"Wake up 'porcelain doll'" Grinny purred swishing his tail back and forth

"What did you just say!?"

"Porcelain doll, isn't that what that boy called you?"

"Ho-how wait where's Sally!?" I asked jumping out of the couch

"Well that boy carried you here and well Sally I have no idea where she is"

"How long have I been out?" I lean on my hand

"About two days or so.."

"Two days!? I've been out for two goddamn days!!?? why didn't you tell me actually why didn't you wake me up!?"

"Well the boy sai—"


"Fine..Jason said not to wake you up"

"What why?"

I don't know ask him yourself...he'll be here in a day or two"


"He visits.."

"What do you mean visits?"

"Well feeds me..kisses you cleans the house"

"Wait WHAT!? what do you mean he kisses me!?!?"

"Wow..calm he said it was to help you recover faster.."

"And you believed him!?"

"No" he spat

But Grinny was right the house did look a little cleaner and he's bowl was full..Ugh what the fuck happened!? and why is this guy taking care of me it's not like he owes me anything..what am I doing!! this is patronizing the enemy gahh!

"Did he say anything about Jeff or Sally!?" I asked worried

"No...but gawd that person won't stop talking "

"Anyway I have to go and look for them do you wanna help?"

"ugh okay I'll come only because I don't want to be alone!" he said turning his behind on me

"Alright" I replied getting out of the couch and into the bathroom to clean up but my body won't listen I tried my best to get up but it just wouldn't after hours of trying I gave up and just laid myself down the couch and waited for the darkness to take me again

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