Mr. Master Thief - Ch. 1

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The rain poured down on you. You had't expected it to rain this evening because the weatherman said it was a 0% chance but apparently he was wrong. You're date just ditched and your apartment was 3 miles away. Your date dropped you off so you had no way of getting back. It would take at least an hour to get back. He was a rich guy and he looked like he had a nice watch too. If you only had 2 seconds you could've stolen his watch, sold it for a couple hundred and moved on to the next guy. If only he hadn't been in the restroom for an hour you could've gotten it. Now how were you suppose to pay for the rent? Unlike in New York, taxi's didn't just roam the streets for their next victim. You would call a taxi but you're phone had died so walking home was your only option.

You shivered as the cool wind blowed on you. You were soaking wet and the cold wind didn't help.

"Hey do you uh wanna come under my umbrella?", someone said in a deep voice. You looked to your left to see a tall man in a leather coat. He had a piercing on his bottom lip and an inviting smile on his face. He reminded you of Jake.

***Flash back***

"Hi I noticed that you were all alone at this club. Maybe you'd like some company?" A man in a leather jacket says to you. He's blonde and has a tattoo sleeve on his right hand. He has blue eyes that you felt like you could dive into.

"Haha sure. I'm Y/N by the way", you say smiling.

"I'm Jake", he replies. You two talk for hours that night and you both exchange numbers. Your heart immediately falls in love.


You snapped out of your flash back and scanned him for any valuable items. You see a cigarette pack in his back pocket. Maybe you could steal it without him noticing.

"Yes haha thank you. It's freezing out here! I'm Y/N by the way.", you say smiling making it as believable as possible while you reach for his pack. You make sure to keep looking ahead while grabbing it so he doesn't notice.

"I'm Andy. So-" He suddenly stops talking and grabs your arm before you take the pack out. You barely touched it. How did he notice? Average people didn't notice at all. Especially while talking.

"How did you notice? I barely-"

"Let's just say that your technique is a bit sloppy. Anyways-"

"My technique? Are you some sort of master theif or something?!" You say with a bit of a laugh.

"I'm better than you. By the way do you want your phone back?" He says smirking while holding your phone in his hand. You checked your pocket noticing your missing phone. You snatch it from his hand as he let out a little laugh.

"How did you-"

"I'm just better than you" he said with a smile.

"Oh shut up", you say annoyed with his arrogance. You decide that you don't like this "Andy" guy.

"Anyways. I was try to ask you why you were walking out here at night, in the rain without an umbrella in a nice dress."

"Well you see, I date rich guys and girls and steal stuff from them. Then I sell it and I pay the rent and buy food. Sometimes if they don't have anything rich on them I take the date to their house and umm... you know do stuff with them and take some stuff and leave."

"Wow! You're a bad girl! How does you boyfriend feel about that?" Andy says trying to keep a straight face.


"So I uhh... Don't see your boyfriend at your apartment. Is he at work or-" Jake starts to ask but you cut him off.

"I don't have one", you say smiling like an idiot. You heart fluttered at his interest in you. He smiles back with a look of genuine happiness that makes your eyes light up.

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