Chapter 14"Clean and Sweep"

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The age old question of whether or not the human species possessed mental abilities - ESP, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Bio Healing, Clairvoyance, and other related abilities - was answered in the last decade before the Cataclysm. Quantifiable evidence of psionic powers, mostly in the forms of telepathy and telekinesis, was finally obtained by a team of researchers at Cambridge University. Academia and the press heralded the verification as proof humanity was beginning the next stage of evolution. Serious efforts were being made to develop these talents among the human populace when the Rifts came and the Cataclysm destroyed the world.


That was just the beginning.


Though a controversial statement in some circles, a credible argument can be made that during the Second Dark Age, psionic abilities were the single greatest weapon humans had in their arsenal when it came to surviving. High Tech weapons require maintence and replacement parts and the mystical arts require training and study but Psionics are different. Humans are born with them and require only practice to hone them. Children as young as five have been documented performing incredible feats of psionic power strong enough to rival similar manifestations of magic users and high tech warriors.


It has been hypothesized that within the next thousand years all humans will possess some level of psionic power finally bringing the species on par with the more formidable supernatural and alien races. If this is true, humanity may have actually begun the climb to the next great step.

-          University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)



Red Rock

            "Is she awake?" YJ asked over the GBMC private network.

            "Not sure," Adam responded. The giant worked his way through the river and onto the opposite banks his oversized rifle sweeping the seemingly empty landscape. "Shouldn't you be able to tell?" he asked trotting to the curled up form of Meg.

            "You'd think," the bald psionic said from his perch on the Red Rock defensive wall. "I think there's something about that thing in her chest stopping me. I mean seriously, Adam, she's a complete blank spot. If I wasn't looking at her through my scope I wouldn't believe she was there."

            The boom of the cannon attached to Karl's suit of power armor split the air.

            "Everything okay Karl?" Colonel McCoy asked over the circuit.

            "Just a stray Thorn hiding out in the ruins," the mechanized warrior grunted. "Bastard tried to get the drop on me. Any word on the kid?" he asked changing the subject.

            The entire company was worried about Meg after Books told them what happened. That being said, they still had a job to do and a responsibility to their friends in Red Rock. The GBMC members were currently dispersed with the Red Rock militia in pacifying the area around the town.

            "We found her," YJ said never taking his eyes off the advancing Adam. "The big guy's going in to check on her at the moment."

            "We should have fitted her with an ID unit," Karl growled. He was referring to the subcutaneous implant everyone in the GBMC was injected with. The microscopic beacon allowed them to be identified as friends during combat and located if lost.

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