S3 Chapter 46: Battle Of Friendship! Athena VS Aiga!!

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*Athena and the others were on their way back from the UK and she had gotten another text from Aiga*

Athena: Aiga said the battle between me and him is still no schedule but there has been a change in plans regarding your battle with Main.

Lane: What is it?

Athena: Your battle with him will be 2 hours after mine.

Rangara: Wait what?!

Bella: Why did they do that?!

Adeline: Who's idea was this?!

Athena: There's been some unfortunate things happening in Japan in just several hours. Ashtem has returned.

Lane: Oh that snake again...?!

Bella: Who's Ashtem?

Athena: He's someone who's manipulated the course of the Beyblade for years. We last heard from him 3 years ago, the year i finally brought back Lane but he went radio silent after that, we hadn't heard anything from him since then.

Lane: He likes to manipulate and make servants out of the bladers who are stupid enough to fall in his trap, believe me i know..

Athena: This also means Main is a victim of whatever experiment Ashtem has thrown together from the depths of his basement this time. Honestly, i can't really say i blame Main for the things he's done now anymore.. most of it's not even his fault.

Lane: He should still be held accountable for the chaos he's done.

Athena: You must be thankful i did the things i did back in the day. Main is the perfect example of what you would be if i hadn't saved you.

Lane: Yeah, no need to remind me.

Rangara: But that doesn't explain how the Lane VS Main match's date got changed, it just doesn't make sense.

Athena: It's simple. Ashtem somehow must've got access to the WBBA files and changed the date, he wants to see Lane defeated.

Lane: I emotionally traumatized him by threatening death. I can't really say i blame him but unfortunately for him, he's not going to see me defeated so easily. 

Athena: Well i really hope that's true then.. after what we been through, there's no telling what Ashtem did to Main to physically enhance his profile, we cannot under any circumstance let our guard down. And that goes for the rest of everyone else.

Bella: What should i do?

Athena: If you plan on battling Main again then take notes and watch closely, i want to battle Main as well and bring closure to our feud once and for all, i failed to do so at Supreme Prime so i'll exactly that when the time for our final rematch comes.

Bella: I see..

Athena: One of us may end up finally bursting Michael, if that's the case then we'll be sure to show enough power to break through its Burst Lock. Remember, that is the way to defeat it.

Bella: Break through the Burst Locks, got it!

Lane: I suppose you don't have any strategies for me do you?

Athena: You can do whatever you like. Main is not going to expect the unexpected.

Lane: Fair enough.

Athena: In the meantime, i need to coming up with a strategy for my battle with Aiga.

*Athena began to think of a strategy for her battle with Aiga as the plane was still heading for Japan*

---A Few Hours Later---

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