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Regular season is almost over and I'm very excited for post season. It will be my first time playing in the NHL playoffs and I'm nervous, but mostly excited.

"It's a different feeling, hard to describe." Beau tells me after practice one day. "For every game you put in 100% more effort than you would in the regular season." I nod in response, processing what he told me. Geno and Sid walk into the locker room, and Geno is patting his back encouragingly.

"Guys! Sid going to be on T.V!" He exclaims. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"Geno, he's on TV every other night." I tell him, and Beau laughs.

"No, he going to be on uh, what's it called Sid?" He looks to our captain for help.

"The Tonight Show. I was invited to be a guest, and management accepted, so I'll be heading to New York in a couple of days for the interview." He informs us. We all cheer for him,

"That's awesome Sidney! Good luck." I say, giving him a friendly hug. His arms wrap around my waist and I take in his scent. We slowly pull away, and our eyes connect. We just stare at each other, silent for a few moments until the silence is broken by the rest of the team coming up to talk to Sid about The Tonight Show.

"We'll all be watching, it's gonna be fun." Kunitz tells him.

A couple of days later, Sid is in New York and all the guys are at my and Whitney's apartment, preparing to watch Sid on The Tonight Show. We ordered a few pizzas and gathered around the TV. Beau and Whitney were cuddling on the floor, and all of us were making fun of them.

"Guys, it's on. Be quiet, but not too quiet." Flower says looking at Beau and Whitney raising his eyebrows suggestively. We all laugh, as they blush, then focus our attention on the show in front of us. It's awhile before we see Sid, but finally it's time for his interview with Jimmy Fallon.

"Welcome to the show, Sidney Crosby everybody!" Jimmy introduces Sid, who walks out giving a little wave to the cheering crowd. Sid takes a seat across from Jimmy, shaking his hand. "Good to have you here, how was the flight?" Jimmy asks him.

"Glad to be here, it wasn't too bad." Sid answers, being his awkward self. I giggle a little bit and continue watching.

"Penguins are going to the playoffs once again, how do you think the rookie is gonna handle it?" Jimmy asks, referring to me.

"Oh, she's great. I think she's ready for the post season." Sidney grins.

"Great, so you guys like having her around then?"

"Yeah, we do. She adjusted pretty well." I blush at the compliment.

After, Jimmy invites Sid to play a very amusing game of egg Russian roulette. They get cleaned up during commercial break and come back out for the rest of his interview.

"So, I have to ask because it's been all over twitter. Are you single?" Jimmy asks. Sid chuckles a little,

"Um, yeah as of right now." There are some whistles from the crowd and Sid blushes. Jimmy looks at him expectantly,

"Does that mean you won't be single for long?"

"I don't know, we'll see what happens after the playoffs."

"Any possible candidates?" Jimmy inquires. Sid looks down at his fidgeting hands, bites his lip nervously, then looks back up at the camera.

"Just one." The crowd 'awws', making both Sid and Jimmy laugh. My heart beat races and I look away from the TV to see everyone looking at me.

"What?" I blush. Kunitz just shakes his head at me, smirking.

"What?" Flower mocks me, making everyone laugh, "You know exactly why we're looking."

After the interview, the guys all leave, and Whitney and I clean up their mess.

"Why are they such pigs." Whitney complains as she picks up there greasy paper plates. I just shrug and continue to clean up. Once we finish, we say good night and head to bed.

That night, I can't sleep. I just lay awake in my bed, thinking about what Sidney had said. Honestly, I don't know why we are torturing ourselves like this. I understand that we need to focus on our games, but I feel even more distracted thinking about the situation with Sid, than I would if we were just together already. Finally, I fall asleep, ready to see the captain again tomorrow.

Sid's flight gets back into Pittsburgh pretty early, and he meets us at practice.

"Good show Sid." Geno tells him. The rest of us tell him the same and ask him how it was in New York.

"It was pretty cool to just be there, not having to worry about a game or anything." Sid answers. No one brings up what was said in the interview, and I'm thankful for it. During practice we prepare for the last game of the season, which is tonight. I'm happy that our last game will be at home.

After winning the game 2-1, we all decide to go out and celebrate with each other. We have a few drinks, a few laughs, then all head our separate ways, getting ready for post season.

The next morning, I'm talking about our first playoff game with Beau over the phone.

"I'm so excited for post season. Trust me Emma, there is no better feeling than winning a game in the playoffs." Beau tells me excitedly.

"That's what I've heard. I'm starting to get really excited too."

"I know what you're really excited for." Beau says.

"What's that?" I ask, confused.

"You're just excited for the guy that'll be waiting for you when it's all over." I can almost hear his shit-eating grin.

"Shut up, Beau. I'll see you at practice tomorrow." I mutter then hang up as I hear him laughing. I hate to admit how right Beau is. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for playoffs and I'm hoping we'll get far, but I'm more excited for what is waiting for me after. I won't have to wait much longer though, so I need to keep it together.

The next chapter could possibly be the last one, I'm not sure yet though haha

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