Chapter 1

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I woke up and was excited for today; it has been a month since I have been home. Being a business man you tend to get a lot of meetings in different places. I got dressed and made my way to the private jet, after a long 4 hour flight we landed.

I got in my Audi R8 and drove to my favourite coffee shop. The bell rang and I headed over to the counter, it was a tradition. I would always get my mom a box of raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

"How can I help you" I was snapped out of my daze by her. I had seen her here many times but never actually talked to her, she was beautiful.

"Hi I'm Jay" I put out my hand and she shook it.

"Hi I'm Simran" I got my food and left. I had been going to that Café ever since it opened. It was only small but it had good business, I sped off home and went to go find my mom.

She was sat in her room feeding Jaden.

On my 25th birthday I had some fun if you know what I mean, the girl fell pregnant and I did the noble thing and married her while she was still pregnant. As soon as Jaden was born she said she didn't want to keep him and divorced me, I haven't seen her since. My mom looks after him whilst I'm away along with my little sister. He's almost 2 now and he's amazing.

"Honey, I missed you" she hugged me and handed Jayden over to me, he smiled at me and I felt happy. It had been hard being away from my son, but thankfully I won't have any more overseas meetings for a while.

"Honey I have someone coming in at 5pm to talk about food arrangements for Sophie's birthday. Could you talk to her for me I have to take Jaden for a bath" she kissed my cheek and left.

I looked at the clock and it was almost five, I made my way to my study and there was a girl sat on the chair. She turned around and a smile broke out on my face.

"Hey Simran right" she smiled at me and shook my hand.

"Jay right" the way my name rolled of her tongue made me shiver.

"Ok so my mom said you have been booked to cater for the party" she nodded at me.

"Yes I have some tasters for you to try, your mom said five mains and 5 deserts in a buffet style. So I have 10 mains and 10 desserts for you to try and you need to pic 5 of each"

She set the trays out in front of me and I tried them all, I picked out 5 of each and she packed away her stuff.

"Also is there anyone who has allergies that I need to cater for" I shook my head and there was a knock on the door.

"Come in"

"Hey honey Jaden wants you" mom passed him to me and he called me dada he sat on my lap and I finished up some of the details.

Simran POV

He was so cute, I'm talking about Jaden not to mention his father was a very handsome young man. I found out he was 26, he owns loads of clubs across the globe.

"He's adorable can I hold him" Jay handed him to me and he started playing with my hair. I giggled and I noticed that Jay was staring.

"What?" I asked him

"Nothing, well Jaden doesn't really go to strangers I think he likes you" he smiled and I saw the way he looked at me.

"Where's his mom" I asked. His face paled and I realised that must have sounded really nosy. "Sorry none of my business"

"It's ok it's just a sensitive topic, um I don't know why I'm telling you this but his mom and I had like a fling it was a one night thing and she fell pregnant so I married her and as soon as he was born she divorced me and ran away with my money, I haven't seen or heard from her in since." I looked at him with wide eyes why would anyone leave such a sweet family.

"That was an honourable thing to do. Anyway I have to go back to the shop I will see you in a weeks' time for the party" I handed Jaden over to Jay and he walked me out, I kissed Jaden's cheek and I got in my car and drove back to the shop.

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