Entry 7~ Taking Control

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"So that yesterday afternoon around 2:30 pm was the first time you have ever had an Encounter with Dwayne Johnson?" The detective asked again.

"Yes for the 50th time , that was the first time in 18 years I have ever seen the bastard" I barked.

"Alright but you continue to say 18 years. What about before that?"

"I am 18" I said not wanting to mention that Dwayne is my father, I couldnt be more ashamed of who my biological father is.

"Look Jasmine we want to help okay, I'm pretty sure you want Mr. Johnson to go away for a long time, and just a breaking and entering case is not gonna do that" he said looking me dead in the eye.

I sighed. "What do you know about Dwayne, has Loren, Loura, or Elana spoken about him before?" He asked.

I nodded. "Loren told me about him, that he was her step father. And that he.." My nostrils flared as I thought about what that bastard has done to loren for all those years.

"He what Jasmine?"

"He used Rape her. Beat her" I said.

The detective sat back in the iorn chair, he smiled. "That's what we are looking for Jasmine"



"Why did your mom suddenly pack you and your sister up and move down here loren?" Detective Owens asked. She sat in front of me, her pen steadly tapping against the iorn table.

"To get away from him" I answered

"And why was she running from Mr. Johnson?" She asked.

I stared blankly as if I just wanted her to look at me and know what he had done to me for all those years, I wanted her to just pick my Brian so I wouldn't have to go back to that place and remember everything.

I hated talking about it, it made me feel. Disgusting, useless, worthless. The memories alone traumatized me.

"Loren?" Detective Owens called my name. But I just looked.

"We did some research, and a week before you came to Florida you were emitted into Orange Grove Public hospital. Why don't you tell me about that. Did Mr Johnson have anything to do with you being in the hospital?" She asked.

I pressed my lips together , trying to stop my self from crying, my eyes welled up with water.

The detective frowned her eyebrows at me.

"What have that man done to you?" She asked barley audible

"7 years, it was going on for 7 years"

"What.... What was going on?" She asked. Sitting up. Her pen now hovering over the note pad she also carried.


"I promise you loren we will do whatever we can to make sure Dwayne goes away for a very long time" Detective Owens assured.

"Okay" I cried sniffing, for the past 30 minutes I had opened up to Detective Owens and told her in detail about the past 7 years of my life. And she just listen and wrote down everything in her note pad.

"You can go home now, and I'll handle everything else, personally" she said. She has a look of sympathy in her eyes.


She smiled slightly at me and then stood.
Standing also I wiped my tears away.

Once we walked out of the interrogation room I saw Jasmine and My mom waiting on me. I walked over to them still whipping my tears away.

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