the door

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I stayed by my make the tears wouldn’t stop. I continued to cry over her lifeless body. “please come back…” I sobbed. I couldn’t let her go I refused to believe my mate was gone. She had to have held on we just got together and were mates why would she leave me now. I had to believe she was still hanging on. Page was searching the house for her ghost she even had other ghosts searching for her. I couldn’t believe she was gone. I just couldn’t, “you fight this… you come home..” I kept saying as tears ran down my face hitting hers and running down her cheeks looking as if she was crying as well. “You can’t leave me here alone. You can’t expect me to believe that you would give up. You would never let me rule our pack alone. I know you. I love you too much to give up on you.”

I looked at her pale face. “now wake up… come back to me.” I took her hand and stroked her cheek with my free hand. “your stronger than any other girl I’ve ever known. You’re the strongest woman I know you don’t give up. You never did. So don’t you dare give up on me now.” She still didn’t move. “alpha.” I heard behind me. “what!” I barked no one was to enter this room I gave that order. “Aray reported back there not in Canada.” The wolf stated I didn’t remove my eyes from my lifeless mate. “then have him move on to the next mountain.” I stated tears ran down my face to my chin and then dropped to the ground. “yes sir.” He stated, I heard the door shut. “Shay… I know you can hear me… I just know it.” I stated as I stroked her hair. “I can’t lead this pack without you.” My body started to shake. I needed my mate by my side. I couldn’t believe she was gone I refused to believe she was gone.


I ran through the forest I had to let my tears fall. Shay the female was gone the warrior was gone. That evil killed her and I will help these creatures no my friends avenge her death. Diana and Samuel were in the library reading up on things trying to find a way to bring back Shay, Aray and Cleo were searching for the vampire and her mate. Logan and Kira were with them, Ross was mourning his mates death and refusing to let her go he swore she wouldn’t leave him. Page was searching for any sign of Shay in the afterlife. Josh was with his mate Page. I ran along the forest I wanted to become stronger I was going to avenge Shay’s death.


I sat with my parents the light in coming from before me was shining brightly but I still felt Ross. “Shay.” My mother stated I looked at her. “you have a choice now. You can come with us and never see you mate until he dies.” She began then my adoptive mother stated “or you can remain here and pray they can bring you back. If you go through that door they have no chance to get you back.” I watched as the light turned into a golden door that was shut. “we cannot stay with you but we can wish you luck in your choice.” My birth parents hugged me. I hugged them back then my real parents hugged me. “choose wisely honey.”  My father and mother whispered in my ear.

 I nodded and they let go. “I’m going to stay. Ross won’t give up on me so I won’t give up on him and I will wait for him to get me out of here.” They nodded and my birth more smiled saying “we thought you would say that.” She stepped back and I she started to sing a strange song. It was funny as she sang I was falling from them downwards. I looked up at them and she continued to sing as she did more people appeared. All were different creatures the old warriors… I fell back down and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw Ross by my body.

He sat up and looked at my body. “PAGE!!!” he screamed Page ran in and looked right at me. “she’s here! SHAY’S ALIVE!” she screamed I felt the tears of joy come to my eyes. I wasn’t the only one. Ross had a smile on his face. He looked at my body and said “I knew she was a fighter.” I smiled and said “your dam straight I am.” Page giggled and Josh hugged her. “thank god.” A wolf ran in shouting “Cleo reported in.”

[author's note: so the song her mother sang is the same song the book sings. thanks for the comments guys i hope you all enjoy it. also thanks for the comments and i'm glade you all like it so much.]

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