Stupid say what

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Hannah's pov

I walked into the living room as everyone stood up. I decided to go along with the act we had put up and give a fake speech.

"As you know I have just won the game." I pretened to cry as I had to hold back my laugh. Everyone was looking at me confused. "But I am not the real winner. I witnessed my brother Niall shoot himself with his gun just cause he said I was brave. So therefore I think the real winner here today is my brother Niall. He will be deeply missed." I concluded walking away.

As soon as I got to the kitchen I lauhhed so hard I was literally on the floor. I tried to hold on to the counter for support but it hadn't worked. Everyone walked in.

"What was that?" Niall asked.

"My dear brother you are back." I screamed before running and tackling him. He fell to the floor.

"Um I didn't know I left...." He trailed off.

"Wow sometimes you take things way to serious." Louis said lifting me off Niall as Summer helped Niall up.

"What? Who me? No." I said

"Yes you." Louis said grabbing my hand.

"The truth hurts." Harry said.

"You are the truth." I replied.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"Stupidsaywhat." I said really quick.

"What?" All the boys said at the same time. Bekah,Summer and I started laughing so hard. By now the girls had learned never say what if you didnt know what i was saying.

"What did you even say?" Liam asked.

"Oh nothing." I smirked.

"Really now?" Louis asked me.

"Yeah." I said walking backwards.

"Then maybe we will have to-." He began but I cut him off.

"Do you hear that?" I asked.

"Hear what?" He asked.

"My bedroom is calling my name." I said before darting off towards my room. I could faintly hear the others laughing as Louis had finally realized what was going on.

"HANNAH COME OUT NOW!" Louis spoke laughing.

"Never shall I give up peasant." I laughed.

"You did not just call me a peasant."

"I did. Now what are you going to do about it?"

"Well." He spoke. "Liam, Hannah called me a peasant."

"Wow cause that does so much." I rolled my eyes.

"Ya know I can wait here all night."

"Me too." I knew that he thought I was lying but truth be told I have a secret room under my bed full of oreos and other food. Mainly candy and chips and snack cakes...... There is a button hidden in my room and in the secret room that lifts the bed up and down. You just have to flip it up or down like a light switch.

"You will get hungry and we both know that." He stated. "How will you eat?"

"You shall never know." I spoke as I walked into my closet. I moved some clothes out of the way. On the top shelf was a button;the secret room button. I got a step ladder that I kept from behind the clothes I had moved. I opened it and climbed up. I hurried to press the button cause I could hear Louis working on getting the hinges off.

I ran over to my bed that was up and opened the door. I walked diwn the flight of stairs and pressed the button on the way down. I opened the door at the end as it was now dark. Aw and I walked into heaven. There was a couch down here with a tv. I had the food in one cornor and some pop in the other. There was a computer so I could skype them ha like they would find me. There was great wifi down here as I had my own box down here. Like I said it was great i could live down here.

When I first bought this house this room wasn't part of it. But I read a book about a room like this and hired someone to fix it for me. After it was done I cleaned it up,painted it and did all this. I planned on showing the girls one day but thought nah forget it. I decided this would be my own little place incase I wanted to get away or just wanted to be alone. It was kinda like when little kids build a tree house and go there to be alone.

I walked over to the computer and began to type in Skype on the google website. Then I clicked the first one and typed in my Skype username and password. As soon as I was logged in I clicked on Summer's name. I clicked the Skype call button and waited for her to answer. I didnt press the button that allowed them to see you but she had.

"Hello Hannah where are you?" Summer asked.

"Yeah Louis got in your room now he thinks you've been kidnapped cause you wasn't there." Liam explained.

"Well I'm fine in heaven actually." I replied turning on the video where they could see me.

"Woah where are you?" Niall asked as I let everyone see the whole room.

"In a secret place that you will never know about." I replied." Now go get Louis."

"Ok." Harry said walking out.

"So tell me where are you at?" Zayn asked.

"Can't say." I shook ny head.

"Are you still in the house?" Bekah asked.

"Yeah." I replied as Louis walked into the room.

"Hannah? Are you ok? Did they hurt you? Is that oreos?" He asked.

"Lou I haven't been kidnapped. And yes that's oreos." I said looking over my shoulder at the little cookies that will make you addicted to them from the first bite.

"Where are you then?" He asked.

"My... In the house somewhere." I said.

"Really? Did you make a secret room somewhere in the kitchen?" He asked smiling.

"No course not. But close enough." I shrugged.

"Well then where are you?" They all asked.

"No where I'm coming out now anyways." I said before hanging up.

I logged the computer off before opening the door to the stairs. I felt along the wall for the switch. I quickly found it and flipped it up. Light flooded the halls and I quickly ran the rest if the way up. I shut the door and flipped the button in the closet. My bed came down and I watched it to make sure it went down all the way before walking down stairs. I trued to sneak into the kitchen to make it seem like I came from the backyard. When all of a sudden I heard the worse thing ever.

"Hannah where are you going? Where was you?" Liam asked.

"Yeah care to explain where you was upstairs?" Zayn asked.


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