Dating The Son of Zeus

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"I have missed you," she whispered.

"And I you," I replied. I could feel her smiling.

As she pulled away I noticed her chesnut colored hair was longer than the last time I had seen her. She was still wearing her dazzling smile. It went all the way up to her emerald eyes. Her face was something that you could not break down into parts. It was not her eyes, her smile, and her nose. It was all one picture. Her smile complimented her eyes, and her dimples complimented her smile. It was something you came to see about her. I did not have long to examine my mother because my father soon spoke.

"Well my son, I heard that you came back yesterday."

"Yes." I replied. I didn't think there should be anymore of an answer to this question, but from the look my father gave me he seemed to think differently.

"And why did you not come to us then?"

"I was tired," I lied. "I had planned on coming to see you today."

"Of course you were," my mother said. "A month at sea will tire anyone."

My father turned away and began to pace slowly toward the bright floor to cieling windows that were in the room. They over looked everything; the forest, the river, the mountain. It had a straight on view of the vast, never ending sky. At night, when I was younger, I used to sit and watch for Apollo to ride by in his chariot. My father speaking took me away from the simple memory.

"So I trust you had a good time with Posideon?"

"Yes. It is always nice to spend quality time with him," I said flatly even though I meant it. Posideon was my uncle, though I thought of him as a father. Ever since I can remember, I have always been closer to him than my real father who was still pacing the throne room.

"Son, we need to talk."

I knew it was coming, it really was only a matter of time. I had hoped that he would allow me to fool myself. To believe that he actually wanted to see me because he hadn't in so long. That maybe he would want me to tell him about the adventures I had been through. But of course not. It was always straight down to business with him. So it was no surprise when I found myself saying, "Of course father. What about?"

"Son, I think that now that you are home it is time for you to consider...well I mean to say, I think it's time that you attempt..."

It was a rarity that my father was ever short on words. This was what had me already knowing what he was going to say before my mother finished for him. She moved towards my father with more grace than even Hermes possessed. Grabbing his arm she looked from him to me and gave him an encouraging smile before saying, "What your father means to say is that now you should start considering fiding a wife."

It didn't sound as harsh when my mother said it, but still it was the last thing I wanted to hear. I groaned, I couldn't help it. The marriage subject had been a sore one before I left for my month long journey to sea with Posideon.

"Hercules, this is something that you have been putting off for far too long," my father said.

He made it sound like it was chore. It was as if I hadn't cleaned my room. I stared him before finally saying, "Father it's not as if I haven't attempted."

"That's not what your father is saying," my mother said in her gentle and calming voice.

"I have sat and talked with every goddess on Mount Olympus. I even spent time with the daughters of Aphrodite, and there was still nothing," I said ignoring my mother.

"Well son, maybe you need to look somewhere else," my father said.

"Where else is there to look?" I asked.

I watched as both my parents looked from each other to me. I knew from the looks on their faces that I was not going to like what they were going to say. But even knowing that did not prepare me for what they did say.

"You can always try going and spending sometime on Earth and seeing--"

I cut my mother off. "EARTH?!? Tell me you're joking!"

"We are actually being quite serious Hercules. There have been many Gods who have taken mortal women as their life long partners," my mother said.

"But if I find a mortal, she will have to pass the test. And if she doesn't, I'm back to where I am now."

"Look son, this is your option. I want you to marry for love," my father said. "I want you to find a woman who will stand by your side as your mother has for me." I watched as he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips, gently kissing it and smiling. He turned back to look at me. "I think that this is important for you, but I also think that you need to choose soon."


"Because I am not going to rule forever." My father was completely serious when he said this.

"But father, you're immortal. You're Zeus, the god of all. You will be here forever."

I heard my father heave a great sigh and then look back at my mother. The bright shine in his eyes seemed to grow when he looked at her. "I may be immortal, but that doesn't mean I want the position that I have now for forever. I am old son. I may not look it, but I feel it. I want to spend time with your mother. I want to not worry about keeping everything in check. I want to be able to trust it to you."

I stood frozen and silent. This was all news to me. I had never expected my father to say that he wanted to step down. It wasn't as if I was thrilled. I didn't really want to have to step up.

"I know that youll do fine son." he said continuing. "But I know that having that special person there just makes it that much easier. I want that for you. I want you to have that before you step in and take over."

I had no idea what to say. I felt like I was having a monumental moment with my father. He did not open up to this sort of thing easily. Unless it involved politics, my father generally chose to stay away from the subject. So in place of saying anything, I just nodded.

"I hate to have to give you an ultimaitum son, but I feel like I have no other choice. So, you can either go to Earth and look for a woman, or you can stay here and I will choose for you."

I gasped. He couldn't be serious. There was no way he would do that. "You can't be serious?"

"I am afraid I am."

"But- But, I just got back. I don't want to rush off to Earth," I said trying to plead for time.

"You can spend a couple of weeks here at home before you head off," my mother said.

I looked down and heaved a sigh. I knew that I should have just stayed at the fountain. I knew that I could leave, there was only one thing I had to say. "Very well," I muttered. I than turned and headed out of the throne room, glad to be away from them. Not being in the same room with them was as if I was removing a weight from my shoulders. I may have just left two important people in my life, but they weren't who I wanted to see. I knew just where to find the ones whom I did.


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