Chapter Seven

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Day 1

Sometimes referred to as unity.

There is only one of you and one of me and together we would make one amazing couple.

And one more day – today.

I never want this day to end.


No more game. No more hiding. Chris signed the last note and prayed it was worth it. But regardless of if it was or not, this would be the last time Chris would ever see Eric. If there was a slight chance Eric took another position somewhere close then maybe he might be able to see him again. Chris truly hoped he would see Eric again.

The day was going well, there was to be a staff gathering in the reception at the end of the day to say farewell to the interns and Chris had been put in charge of preparing the food and drinks for the celebrations.

During his lunch break Chris went over to the shops across the road and bought what was needed and upon returning had briefly seen Eric in the corridor talking to Dr. Martin. Chris caught his eye and gave him a half smile but Eric simply looked back at Dr. Martin speaking to him. The tight feeling Chris suddenly felt in his heart was overwhelming and he quietly took the items he had purchased to the kitchen.

When the door opened and Eric came in Chris tried to pretend everything was fine.

"Chris," Eric said but was cut off as the door opened again.

Cindy came in and seeing Chris was in there too said, "Oh, Chris, there you are, Marsha is looking for you."

"Ok thanks."

Chris passed Eric without looking at him and left the lunch room as quickly as he could. Returning to the reception Chris asked Marsha what she needed him for.

She gave him the oddest look and then the penny dropped and he realised what Cindy was up to. He felt his heart sink even further and murmuring to Marsha to never mind he went back to his desk and focused all his attention on his work.


The afternoon was torture for Chris, he had not seem Cindy or Eric at all and he was too frightened to ask if anyone had heard anything because he really did not want to know. By the end of the day, with the doors to the surgery locked, Marsha helped Chris set up the reception for the farewell party. Chris was feeling absolutely miserable and all he wanted to do was quietly slip away and let it all be over.

When everyone had gathered and glasses of wine had been handed out, Dr. Max bought everyone to attention to say a few words.

"We're here of course to thank the three doctors who gave us their time over the last six months but I also have some other news to share while we are all gathered."

"Maybe he'll announce his retirement," Marsha murmured just behind Chris so that only he could hear. Chris smiled a little. He had not looked towards Eric at all and although he knew Eric was looking his way Chris refused to look at him.

Dr. Max continued, "It would seem that Dr. Martin has decided to move on due to family commitments and so we say farewell to him and welcome Dr. Marshall who has accepted a position at this surgery."

Everyone began to clap and then Dr. Martin said a few words of thanks for his time at the surgery. But Chris was not listening, all that was going around his head was that Dr. Marshall was staying. Oh shit, how the hell was he going to work with him now when he had taken responsibility for the notes? Chris wasn't able to take it any longer and quietly slipped away while everyone farewelled Dr. Martin and welcomed Dr. Marshall.

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