Chapter Five

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When Chris woke Sunday morning, all signs of illness were gone. Whatever it was that had caused him to have the migraine was a mystery but Chris was grateful for the medication Dr Marshal gave him. In fact, Chris was so pleased when he recalled the way Dr Marshal had taken care of him on Thursday that by Monday morning Chris had again renewed his stalking with a little more vigour.

Day 5

Towards the end of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the character of King Arthur confuses the number five for the number three. (OMG that was so funny. I love this movie. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. I laugh thinking about it.)

The five natural senses - sight (I can't get enough of looking at you), hearing (your voice makes me melt), smell (like the most perfect piece of heaven), taste and touch (what I wouldn't give to do both)

Chris decided to pull out all stops. Dr Marshal was certain to know the notes were from Chris but Chris decide to go with it. If Dr Marshal was uncomfortable about it, then Chris was sure he wouldn't say anything. And Chris was fine with that. Throughout the day Chris enquired after Dr Marshal – his excuse to thank him for taking care of him the previous week but as the day progressed Chris realised his chances of seeing the doctor were slim.

At the end of the day, Chris returned the days medical records to the document room. He'd made every attempt to catch Dr Marshall throughout the day but there had not been a time when he was free. Dread hovered over Chris as the days dwindled too quickly. It had been fun in the beginning but now Chris didn't want it to end.

As Chris climb the small ladder and began filing the records, the door opened and to Chris's surprise Dr Marshal walked in.

"There you are. Martha said you wanted to speak to me and that I would find you here."

In the close confines of the records room, Chris couldn't help be hyper conscious of the close proximity of Dr Marshall looking up at him. The heat in Chris's cheeks threatened to reveal more than a blush.

Chris attempted to compose himself, taking hold of the shelf as he turned slightly to face Dr Marshall.

"Yes, I wanted to thank you for helping me last week. I'm at a lost as to what was wrong but the medication helped. Thank you."

"My pleasure."

My pleasure, oh how Chris so wanted the good doctor's pleasure, and his blushed deepened. Dr Marshal's smile grew and Chris glanced away for fear of being drawn to his lips. He hadn't wanted it to go this far and yet when Chris thought of his note - had he? Heat flooded Chris's body, as his palm grew sweaty.

"Are you okay?" Dr Marshall asked.

Chris looked back down at Dr Marshall, his gaze fixedly on Chris.

"Yes. I'm fine." Chris attempted to diffuse his thoughts with words. "With you and the other interns finishing at the end of the week everyone's growing stressful again. It will be fine in a month or two."

Dr Marshall's features changed and Chris couldn't be sure what he was thinking. The pause before he replied only confused Chris more.

"Three out of five. We're going to have to work on that."

Chris frowned and Dr Marshall grinned before leaving the room.

Three out of five. What did that mean? Chris stared towards the door before turning back to the records. Should that mean something to him? Was he being rated for something? Still confused, Chris chose to ignore it as the fantasy of him and Dr Marshall in the records room consumed Chris's thoughts.

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