The Outsiders (Ponyboy Curtis fanfiction)

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chapter 1: meeting the gang

Lily's POV

"Hey Lily wake up" I heard Dally's voice "shut up Dally and let me sleep" I said covering my face with the pillow. Then Dally took the blanket "Lilian Winston get up" Dally said pulling on my arm. "Ahhhhh fine" I finally gave in. I know what your thinking your Dallas Winston kid sister she must be as bad as him well before you start judging I'm not actually as bad. "hurry I'm gonna take you somewhere" "fine get out" I said starting to shove Dally out "ok ok I'm going geez" Dally said getting out of my room and closing the door behind him. I took out a yellow dress up to my knees and put on my black converse. If Dally is taking me somewhere might as well look nice.

On my way out of my room I grabbed my black leather jacket."DALLY I'M READY TO GO" I screamed even though he was next to me " you didn't have to scream" he said glaring at "I know but I felt like it" I said giggling "so where are you taking me" I asked"catch me and you will find out" Dally said running out the house. I sighed and started running after him.

After running past alot of house I caught up to Dally and tackled him. "ok I caught you now where are we going" I said getting up "were here" Dally said getting up. I looked at the house "ummm are we moving here" I asked "no your gonna meet the gang". I looked at him and smiled "ok it sounds nice" I said dusting myself off. "ok c'mon your gonna like 'em" he said holding my hand.

Dally's POV

I held on to Lily's hand and we walked inside the house. "Hey Dal I see you got your self a lady" Two-bit said with a wide smile across his face. "Hi Two-bit and no she's my kid sister" I said while she stood behind me very quietly. "Hey I'm Two-bit Matthews" he said holding his hand out. "Hi Two-bit I'm Lily Winston" Lily said shaking Two-bit's hand. "Hey Dal" Darry said "Hi Darry" I said looking 'round for the gang.

Two-bit sat on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. "go sit next to Two-bit for a while"I whispered to Lily. She nodded and sat next to him.

I walked over to Darry. "where's the of the gang" I asked "well Soda and Steve are working, Ponyboy and Johnny are at school, Two-bit is watching Mickey Mouse with your girlfriend, you and me are standing here" Darry said "she's not my girl she's my kid sister" I said smiling "oh sorry 'bout that" "don't sweat it Two-bit thought the same" I said looking at Lily playing 'round with a rubber band. "ok we'll wait for the rest to come and you can introduce 'em to your kid sister" Darry said walking into the kitchen. I walked over,sat next to Lily and put her on my lap.

The door opened to see Ponyboy,Johnny,Steve, and Soda walk in. "Hey Darry,Two-bit,Dally and Dally's girl" Soda said smiling. I got up "ok everybody listen I would like to introduce my kid sister,Lily" I said trying to make things more clear.

Lily's POV

Everybody stared at me then back at Dally "are you sure you to are related you look nothing alike" a cute boy around my age said "yeah we both know that" Dally said while I nodded. A guy with jet black hair, big black eyes, and looks like he's been beaten stretched out his hand. "I'm Johnny Cade" I shook his hand "I'm Lily Winston" I said with a smile. He sat on the floor and stared at the tv. He was so quiet I wonder if he's like this all the time. Then another boy he was cute, was wearing a DX shirt, he looked like the other cute boy. "I'm Sodapop Curtis but you can call me Soda" he said stretching his hand out. "I'm Lilian Winston but call me Lily" I said while shaking his hand. Another boy with a DX shirt came by me, in his eyes you could see hatred and lust but I knew there was a little love in there. "hey I'm Steve Randel" he said "Hi I'm Lily Winston" I said and we high-fived. That seemed bit unusual but doesn't matter. I started thinking for a while until i saw the cute boy sit next to me. He had grey green eyes, he had brown hair, he seems around my age. "Hey there I'm Ponyboy Curtis" he whispered while stretching hand out "Hi Ponyboy I'm Lily Winston" I whispered back and shook his hand.