Chapter Three

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Day 15

Friday, finally. That means two days to forget work. Let's make today great.

15 is the natural number following 14 and preceding 16. (seriously, did you know that? 19)

15 minutes of fame (still waiting for my fifteen minutes of fame. It needs to be something really special. Not sure what yet.)

There are 15 minutes in a quarter hour. (It takes me a quarter hour to get from my place to my parents. My mother tells me this every time she calls to see why I have not visited her and dad.)

Let's make it through today because tomorrow we get to sleep in. Yes! I love sleeping in. Except when my mum turns up unannounced and then spends the morning lecturing me on living alone and not looking after myself. What is she expecting, I'm twenty-four? I can take care of myself.

Friday did not begin well.

From the moment Dr Max arrived, the nurses were in a dither about his foul behaviour. Never sure what might trigger Dr Max, it was always worst if he arrived to work in a bad mood. Chris juggled gripes from the nurses and did his best to keep Martha from getting involved. By the time it reached lunch, exhaustion overwhelmed Chris. With barely the energy to leave to get lunch, Chris found himself hunched over the staff room table, head in his arms.

The door opened and Chris made no attempt to glance up.

"Here you go, love."

Chris raised his head to find Martha had placed a glass of water and two white tablets beside him.

"Thought you might be needing this."

Chris sat back in the chair.

"Thank you. It doesn't generally get to me but today...." Chris took the tablets and swallowed them with the water.

"You need to learn to back away and tell people to manage their own business."

"I know. But who else is there for them to complain to?"

"Plenty of people and don't think everyone needs to rely on you all the time."

Martha pointed a finger at Chris, her face stern as she walked back out the door.

Chris let out a sigh. Martha was right but Chris understood the power to have everyone rely on him. That was something Chris wasn't ever going to give up.

At the end of the day, Martha sent Chris home a few minutes early and with his head still mildly aching, Chris did so. It wasn't until he almost reached home that he realised he hadn't seen Dr Marshall at day. It was then his headache grew slightly worse. It was not a good start to the weekend.

Day 12.

Wow! Don't the day's fly. Forget 14 and 13. Let's go straight onto 12. It's like magic. Watch me pull a 12 out of my hat. Hey presto, 14 and 13 - gone. Hope you had a good weekend. I did. Slept in. Always a win in my books.

There are 12 star signs and 12 Chinese zodiac signs. (I am a Scorpio born in the year of the Dragon.)

Twelve men have walked on the Earth's moon. (No women – yet.)

In ten-pin bowling, 12 is the number of strikes needed for a perfect game. (I've never played a perfect game but I'm very good. Perhaps we could play a game sometime. It's been awhile since I've had someone new to beat. 19)

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