21. Training

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*get excited this stories about to get interesting.. Xx*

21. Training.

I slipped out of my flip flops and stood on the mat. The foam padding sinking where I stepped. Harry went to the other end putting on boxing gloves. He tossed me a pair and I unwillingly slid my hands inside.

"First always block!" He pressured. "Put your hands up like this." He showed me a stance I've seen in films and programs before. I copied him and he chuckled slightly. "No Rambo! Like this!" He corrected my stance. "When someone takes a swing tuck your face in and make sure it's covering your face and stomach." He urged as I tried out the move. He laughed a low chuckle as I looked at him with lovingly eyes. He seemed so passionate in everything he did. He loved this, I could tell. And although I'm against it, I can really see how he enjoys this and I respect that. He would make a great father, and i knew that from the moment i met him.

He gave me a cheeky grin and then kissed mg lips lightly. I hungrily kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck the big gaudy gloves knocking his head as he chuckled against my lips. He bent down and scooped me into his arms bridal style and smiled as I tore the gloves off. His dimples making an appearance as he pressed our noses together.

"Where are we going?" I asked nuzzling into him. The crook of his neck was warm I could smell his natural scent as we began walking through the halls.

"Time to hit the showers." He kissed my neck aggressively as giggled then he haulted to a stop as I looked at his face. His body was heating up as his temperature had risen. His big muscles clenched holding me close to his body. I looked at who stood before us and my arms instantly became tighter around his neck.

"Harry, Rose." Jamie's brother Ferg stood before us. My body tensed as his thick northern accent crawled into my ear drums. He sounded just like Jaime, making my skin tinge.

"What?!" Harry's aggressive low tone even scared me.

"Making sure your worthless ass wasn't backing out of the fight."

"You're fighting Ferg?" I looked at harry. His jaw tensed as he set me down. I gained balance when my feet hit the ground but I didn't let go. I clenched the soft white fabric of his t shirt in my fist. His green eyes looked down at me and leaned closely to my face before he spoke.

"Stay here Rose, I mean it!" Harry stated and glared at me with dominance in his expression. He pushed Ferg into the other room and before he entered he looked at me and mouthed: 'stay' scared of what might happen, I obeyed. I couldn't hear anything. They could be doing some sort of fight club talk in there right now and I couldnt hear it. I pondered reasons he would be fighting Ferg. Ferg is a complete git and I hate him as much his mum does but he doesn't need to fight him. Or maybe it's a random draw type thing. Like hunger games.

As my thoughts wandered to Jennifer Lawerence Harry walked out and Ferg did leaving in the other direction.

"We're leaving." He said more as a demand then a comment. I watched him grab our bags and walk towards the exit ahead of us.

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