Chapter one- An Escape

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Chapter one- An Escape

Ashlyn pulled her sleeves down over her hands nervously as she walked into the local library's comic book section. She couldn't let anyone there see the multiple bruises and cut marks that decorated her entire body.

Her life at home wasn't exactly a good one. Her father left when she was young, saying he never wanted a child in the first place. While her mother abused her almost everyday, in an angry rage -usually induced by the amount of alcohol she'd drink. Ashlyn was still made to go to school, and no one knew what her life was like.

But besides all that, she loved to escape her life by reading, especially manga. She'd read almost every day right after school. Her favorite manga at the moment was one called 'Magi'. Although she'd read several others, including 'Fairy Tail', 'Black Butler', and another favorite, 'D.Gray-Man'.

Ashlyn approached the check-out counter with a small stack of books, the latest 'Magi' volumes. "Is this all, dear?" A older woman smiled at her from behind the counter.

"Yeah," Ashlyn nodded. She pulled out her library card and handed it to the woman.

The librarian began scanning all the books, along with Ashlyn's card, before speaking again, "Would you like a bag?"

"No, it's alright. I can put them in my backpack." Ashlyn shook her head, causing her long brown hair to fall in her face like it always did. She pushed it behind her ear and pulled her schoolbag off her shoulder. She shoved the books inside, crumbling her schoolwork -not like she cared- then slung the bag on her shoulder again, not caring that it wasn't zipped shut.

She waved goodbye to the librarian as she left. I can't wait to read these new books! I only have a few hours before mom gets home... She thought as she walked home. She had caught up on the entire 'Magi' manga, along with the 'Adventure of Sinbad', but she enjoyed rereading them.

"I'm home~!" Ashlyn sang to no one.

"Ashlyn. Why are you home from school so late?" The sound of her mother's demanding voice made her freeze.

 She's not supposed to be home... Ashlyn's eyes widened in fear. "M-Mom! Y-You're early... How was work?" She tried to sound cheery.

"Fucking horrible. I got fired! 'Drinking on the job'." She mocked her boss. "Bullshit." Her mother was slurring slightly, clearly drunk. "It's all your fault." She glared at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn looked at her feet and held the strap of her school bag tighter with both hands, "I'm sorry."

"If you weren't fucking born then Will wouldn't've left!" Her mother threw an empty beer bottle that had been sitting on a coffee table, nearly hitting Ashlyn.

Ashlyn flinched and continued to stare at the ground, "I'm s-sorry..." She repeated, tears welling up in her eyes.

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