Chapter 20

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Uncle Jerry gave Peter a devilish grin. "Thank you for understanding Peter!"

Peter's anger grew this time to a height that's its never been. He received the pen and document from his uncle. Peter knew he couldn't give up like this. It was his house.

"Ok Peter sign here," Uncle Jerry ordered.

"How about I make my signature here!" Peter screamed. As he said this, he jabbed the pen into his uncle. Peter took the pen and signed his name across Jerry's chest.

"Ahh you little!" Jerry screamed. He slapped Peter in the face and sent him flying. "You will never see Sarah ever again!"

Peter got back on his feet and tackled his uncle to the ground. They took turns being in top of each other until Peter had the upper hand. He wrapped his long fingers around the neck of his uncle. Uncle Jerry clawed and punched, but Peter wouldn't get off. Uncle Jerry's face changed into a wide variety of colors until he gave up. He sat there letting hours nephew strangle him.

"Leave him alone!" yelled a voice in the distance. It was Sarah.

Peter frantically let go and ran to Sarah. Sarah ran right past Peter into the arms of her uncle to see if he was ok.

"Sarah?" Peter questioned in disbelief.

"I saw what you did," Sarah said. "Your a murderer!

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