Chapter Twenty Seven- The Boathouse Restauarnt

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Chapter Twenty Seven- The Boathouse Restaurant

Niall's POV:

When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar apartment. The bed next to me was empty and my head continued to pound. Heels were on the ground by the door.

You've got to be kidding me.

Why is it so hard for me to get my act together? I went to a bar not wanting to even come near any socialization with females and now I've somehow managed to land myself into the home of a stranger.

"You're probably really tired, so you can sleep here for a few more hours while I go to work. But I'm expecting you to be at the boathouse restaurant for 1, we're going to have a nice little chat about last night."

The girl, who I just barely remember from yesterday, was telling me to meet her at some restaurant for a, "chat." Hell to the no.

"'m not goin anywhere with ya." I mumbled as I sat up in her bed.

"Yes, you are." Her short blonde curly hair started to move around as she balled her tiny hands into fist. She looked like a little baby, and it was quite funny.

"Why would I go anywhere with you? I don't even know your name." I turned my head to the side and noticed that she had put some aspirin on her bedside table with a glass of water.

"My name is Chelsea, and I would sincerely appreciate it if you would. Not to mention I'm the reason you didn't sleep with any girls last night... Sure that would go over well."

So maybe I do owe something to her.. If she made sure I didn't sleep around, that's kind of a big deal right?

"Alright fine I'll be there.. Just go away." I said as I started to shoo her with my hand. Normally, I would just lie and tell her I'm going to be there.. But for some reason I did feel like I needed to go.

Chelsea smiled like she was extremely satisfied and walked away, though it was a bit creepy..


For the rest of the day I hung out snooping in Chelsea's apartment. She had three different cameras and one of those old antique type writers.

Chelsea also had many pamphlets and maps thrown on her coffee table. The maps had circles drawn all over it.

What exactly did she do in her free time? My stomach started to rumble and I then decided to go raid her fridge.

And I do mean raid.

Hell, I was having a feast. Serves her right. Unfortunately, my phone was constantly buzzing with texts and calls from mum. None from Charlotte though..

"Niall, can you please pick up the phone? I don't know where you are and it's worrying me."

"Niall James Horan you better pick up this phone right now."

"Please Ni, I'm really scared if you're okay at least send me a quick text."

Mum had left eleven different voicemails all saying just about the same thing.

I decided that as soon as I see what Chelsea wants I'll go back home. Dublin hasn't treated me so well anyway..

A/N: expect slower updates for this story , I haven't been able to or even want to put in the time for it. But I want to finish it so thanks to everyone still reading and please comment and vote. Drama coming soon!

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