She looked at a picture I had on my dresser of me, her and manny when we took a trip to Mexico when we were younger

"See. And who is this woman in the picture with us"

I walked over to the picture and looked at it "that's mamí, two bodies ago and three faces ago. I mean, she still looks go though"

Nani rolled her eyes "but where is our father. Out of the picture per usual. And why didn't mami stay like this? She was beautiful. I'm pretty sure he made her get all this surgery"

"Im sure of it"

I handed he the cash and she looked at it

"Wha- why?"

"All these men always spend their money on me and give me money so I never really spend my own money. So majority of mine is saved up. And like I said I want you to do what you enjoy. Take the money and pay for your classes and whatever else Nani"

She smiled before hugging me and I hugged her back "I love you"

"I love you too" I responded

"Uh oh. Group hug?" I heard our brothers voice making both of us look as he came and childishly squeezed the both of us

"Manny!" I laughed "you back. How was the trip?"

"I went for work... but you know I had to slide to the casino while I was in Vegas. Came home with big money too"

"Well ima need you to slide me some of that big money"

"I gotchu lil bit" he put his hand on top of my head then looked at Nani holding the money "oh he finally came through?"

"No. Gia just gave this to me"

"Oh his finally not being a spoiled brat for a change? Well since she gave you that, I'll double it"

Nani's eyes stretched out "wait seriously?"

Manny nodded "yeah. You already knew if you couldn't get it from him you was gone have it. Now you got that and some"

"Let me find out y'all love me like this"

"You already knew that though" I smiled before pushing them out of my room "but okay now. Y'all can go. You now I can't do company in my room for too long"

"She always kicking somebody out"

"I still love y'all though" I smiled while closing my room door and went over to my bed, picking up my phone where I left it earlier

"Hey Siri. Call B.D.B" I spoke into my phone, wanting her to call Britain who I had saved under that name, standing for Big Dick Britain

Now calling B.D.B...

The phone ring just once before he answered


"Where you at?"

"Just pulled up to yo house"

"Bet. Come upstairs to my room"

"Ight. After I see what yo daddy wanted"

"He left not too long ago"

"So what he told me to come over here for?"

"Shit, I don't know" I laid on the bed on my stomach

"Well I'll be up there in a minute"

"Okay" I smiled before hanging up the phone and sat it down

I'm pretty sure Nani was somewhere venting to Manny about daddy so it didn't take long for Britain to get to me. He opened my room door, walked in and locked it behind him before coming over to the bed

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