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May 23
12:00 pm

"Nani we are NOT having this discussion again!" I could hear my dad fuss from down the hall as he and Nani headed past the living room

She groaned

"Whine all you want to like a baby but my answer stays the same"

"So you can't help me pay for a summer semester but you just cashed out an ANOTHER Rolls Royce, paid too dollar for that suit you have on AND the 10,000 I'm asking for is nothing compared to the amount of money you spend paying Manny, Gia and them for doing your dirty work"

I shrugged, eating a handful of popcorn while lounging back on one of the couches. He fixed his custom Richard Millie watch before looking at her "Well maybe if you stop wasting your time on school you'll have the money" he bluntly replied and looked at me next "and you. Shut up.... And put that junk food down and go hit the gym or something"

"Like you're one to talk" I muttered and he stopped in the midst of walking off to look at me


"Nothing... don't you have some business to go handle. Bye" I waved him off and he said something under his breath and eyes Nani

"No! And don't ask again"

She groaned as he left, being escorted out of the house by his driver and one of his security guys

"I fuckin hate this houseeeee!" Nani yelled while coming over to the chair and flopped down

I just stared at her, eating my popcorn

"I mean" she started ranting "how can you be upset because you have a child that wants to do right? No offense"

"None taken" I shook my head while still eating

"You would think no matter what he would be proud of us but he's not. He's only proud when we doing something that benefits him. And even then hes only proud of the reward. Like let's be real Gia. When was the last time you heard papi say he's proud of you?"

Looking down at my popcorn, I thought about it "I don't even know. But hey, it's life I guess"

"No. It's our life. An unfortunate one. At this point I think he didn't even want kids. Or at least not genuinely. He just needed people to train up to do his dirty work and of course manny looks up to the man for whatever reason so he was down from the jump. Then you, you're the baby and daddy's little girl so you will do anything to please him and then there's me. The only one that's not fuckin with this bullshit"

"I wish I could see as clearly as you" I told her while chewing on popcorn "but I don't and I enjoy what I do. Who's is why if school is what you enjoy then no matter what he thinks you should be able to keep going"

"But obviously I can't"

"Or can you?"

Nani rose her eyebrow and I sat the bowl down, standing up "come on"

Nani got up and followed me up the stairs then all the way to my bedroom at the end of one of the upstairs halls. The music still played from when I was in here earlier

"I swear I don't even remember the last time I been in your room" Nani said as she looked around

"I need to redecorate again. This pink theme is so last month"

Nani laughed while I went to my walk in closet "meanwhile my room as been the same for years"

"That's just because you know I'm an indecisive person. That's why I can't have kids. I'd probably change my baby's name every year" I pushed past my Chanel clothes section in my closet to expose my safe, unlocking it and pulled out 20k I'm cash before closing it, pushed the clothes back in place and left the closet

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