Chapter One

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Disclaimer: I do not own Castlevania 64 or any of its characters.
Don't know how long this will be or how often I'll update if I do choose to. This was just a fun little thing for Halloween.
Song inspiration: Six trillion years and overnight story
Rating: Mature (It's Castlevania, I intend to be gruesome

Carrie Fernandez often wondered if she could ever escape death's cold-unyielding grip. It snatched both her mother and stepmother from her by the time she was twelve. The young Fernandez had also witnessed the death of nearly every member of her clan at the hands of either Dracula or the miserable humans, blinded by their own fear. Babies were not spared as they screamed uncontrollably nor the elderly as they prayed softly. To the outside world, the Fernandez name raised shaking pointed fingers and hushed murmurs of "curses" and worse--"witchcraft". Carrie would be spared the Fernandez fate though, her own lack of magical powers at the time being the only thing stopping the ignorant villagers from executing her along with her parents. If Carrie closed her eyes long enough, she could still hear the creak of the rope as their bodies slowly swung to and fro.
Life would not become more bearable in any way, shape, or form for the newly orphaned, young woman. On her twelfth birthday, after two and half years of trying to reassure her patient, kind step-mother that she was adjusting well, everyone, with the exception of Carrie, was eaten alive or gruesomely murdered by grotesque monsters carrying out the orders of their feared master. Carrie had returned after picking berries in the forest for her birthday cake to discover her small village being ransacked. Houses went up in flames, shrieks ringing in the night. Carrie had hid in a cellar with her dying stepmother, her entrails threatening to slip out like greased snakes. There was little the young woman could do against the zombie's fatal attack. Her stepmother had pushed Carrie out of the way of an attack as Carrie stared on, catatonic, shocked by the destruction and carnage before her. As Carrie's stepmother's vision steadily grew hazier, she promised her daughter that she would always watch over her and for Carrie to let go of her hatred for humans. With this last act of love, Carrie's powers finally were revealed, but it was too late to save anyone that wasn't beyond hope.
After fighting her way out of what remained of the forsaken village, the young sorceress traveled to a monastery where she would train for four years under three different masters. Brother Gregory, a master of long-range weapons, Father Dmitri, whose fondness for the arcane helped structure her training, along with Señor Flores, without whom she might have never had the will to carry out her revenge. Although, she had trained and lived with servants of the Lord, her feelings of resentment towards God never quite dissipated. She could not forgive nor acknowledge an almighty being that had ignored her pleas all those years. Carrie was meditating on the rough,stone floor one day when a vision assaulted her. Castlevania rose before her eyes. A vampire sneered down at her, red eyes glowing in the low light cast by the moon. Carrie set out the next day for the forest of Silence, her goal to defeat the demon who had taken so much from her and the other cursed citizens of Wallachia: Dracula.
Now, a sixteen year old sorceress has just released a young man, Malus, from Dracula's curse and has started the journey back to the monastery. Her goal seemingly accomplished and her prospects starting to look up.

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