Chapter 2: Long Forgotten Sorting By-Laws

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"Why couldn't you break the spell?" I asked inquisitively.

"Well, it wasn't a Black Family spell, it was a Crabbe Family spell, but being born a Black, I was never allowed to read it, let alone learn from it," the hag, no, Walburga said.

"Damn," I mutter under my breath, "Well Ozzy and I already have a plan," I then tell them the plan.

"What makes it perfect is that the magic of the hat makes it literally impossible to interrupt the Sorting Process until after the fact, but we can add on to it," Walburga said with an evil smirk.

"Yeah, we can actually attend the ceremony, as family, and if at least one family is attending, the press can too... we got about six hours to prepare and another half hour after to be there," Arcturus said with an equally evil grin.


Ozzy's P.O.V.

As we got off the train I heard someone bellow out "Firs' Years! Firs' Years, Ov'r Here!"

I looked over and saw a giant of a man with brown hair and beard, both equally long and scraggly. I couldn't help but glare at the man. He was the reason why my Godbrother went through the blatantly obvious abuse at wherever old Bumblebee decided to place him.

"Hagrid!" Harry said happily, that only cause me to growl at the man. Hey, what can I say, I like all animals, but my father was a dog animagus, and odds are I may still be a canine. I actually hope to be a Cerberus, or at least a Hellhound, that'd be cool. Harry just looked at me inquisitively, I just waived him off in a way that says I'll explain later as we followed Hagrid.

"No M're than four to a boat!" Hagrid called out as Nev, Harry and I got on a boat and were soon joined by another boy by the name of Sheamus or something of the like.

"Yer lot will get yer firs' look at Hogwarts in a sec'nd!" Hagrid called.

"Ohhh!" "Wow!" "Lovely!" "Wonderful!" Were some of the things my classmates said, Nev among them. Harry, on the other hand, was struck speechless. I, myself, couldn't help but snort, causing a all of my fellow students to either stare or glare at me, Hagrid even looked over at me worriedly, I just waived them off. I don't need to explain myself to them, I am a Black after all.

Yes, yes, I know it sounds vain and all, but there's only a few families that match ours, even among the Most Noble and Most Ancient House and the so-called Sacred 28. Besides, Grandma (when that curse wasn't affecting her) and Great-Grandpa made sure to teach and train me in everything an Heir is expected to know in House Black. They also made sure to hire the finest and brightest tutors for all subjects regardless if they're no longer or haven't ever been taught or not at Hogwarts. Granted, spending Summers as well as both the Summer and Winter solstice, not to mention the Spring and Autumn Equinox undergoing Ancient and archaic rituals of luck, fortune, rebirth, etc. Then again, I did get to see some of the greatest sights and places of antiquity before Hogwarts, as I was homeschooled.

"Come along now!" Hagrid called, bringing me outta my thoughts to see we were docked. I got out with Nev and Harry, followed Hagrid to the these huge doors, again I had to fight back a snort as the doors opened to reveal a strict looking witch in emerald green robes.

"The Firs' Years, Profess'r McGonagall," Hagrid said waiving behind him, gesturing to us.

"Thank you Hagrid, follow me please," she then turned around and took off without waiting for us to start coming. She lead us to this little room off to the side of what I expected was the Great Hall.

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