Chapter 2: Long Forgotten Sorting By-Laws

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Becca's P.O.V.

I finished waiving the boys off as the Hogwarts Express traveled out of sight. I mentally sighed as I closed my eyes and clamped down on my Occlumency shields. I needed to prepare myself, as it was time for me to meet with my Grandfather-In-Law, Arcturus Black. I opened my eyes before I apparated to Grimmuald.

I go to knock on the door to find it thrown open by the woman I hate most in the world... my Mother-in-Law Walburga Black.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? My treacherous son's mudblood whore... woops, I meant wife. Too bad Lord Black wants to actually see you," she said with a forced smile, luckily for me, old Orion has passed before his father, but I can't wait for this old hag to join him.

I followed her into the office of the Acting Lord Black. He's the acting Lord because he originally passed on the actual duties and Lordship to his son, on the condition that he didn't officially disinherit Siri. Meaning, with Orion's passing, Siri is the Lord Black, which is how Ozzy is able to be the true Heir Black.

"The Mudblood is here milord," the hag said with disgust.

"Really Walburga, must you use that foul language?" He asked in exasperation.

"Well actually, Lord..." I start, you never really know with Arcturus Black after all.

"My dear, this is more of an informal meeting, just call me Grandfather," he said rather kindly.

"OK, Grandfather, I'd like to actually get something of my chest with dear mother here," I said with a smirk as I handed her a few pieces of parchment.

"You see, I was raised in an orphanage, so everyone assumed I was a first-generation witch, or what you refer to as a muggleborn. But that's not true, as you can see from the results of a heritage test I took at the New York branch of Gringotts," I say pointing towards the parchment in the hag's hands.

"I am actually considered a pure-blood, yes there's No-Maj, or Muggles, and some first generations, but the family tree doesn't lie," I said with a huge smirk as the hag spread my family tree over Arcturus' desk and they both gasped in astonishment.

"Yes, some old names and powerful families, but if you look here," I say pointing to a name before tracing the line up from the name, twice, they gasped even louder.

Arcturus and the hag look at me with hesitancy and an almost worship like gaze.

"Now let's look at the other parchment," I say as the hag unfolds it and gasps in horror, she may not like Siri's choices, but she still loves him somewhere deep down I guess. Arcturus, on the other hand, was raging at the fact that a member of a Most Noble and Most Ancient House, let alone a Black, was sent to prison without trial.

"We need to correct this injustice!" The hag screeched before she broke down sobbing. "My poor Siri, my poor-poor Siri."

"She may have not approved of his choices, she may have even burned him off family tree tapestry in rage, but she still loves him, she was even proud of him for being a true Slytherin and getting in Gryffindor! A Snake in Lion's fur, as it were. Everything she said and did was for the public, even what Sirius did was for the face of public, spelled strongly on her by her parents," Arcturus explained, I finally found out why Siri actually smiled about it, the Blacks were very private, but other pureblood's wanted to make sure the Sacred 28 stayed Sacred. This tragedy was enough to finally break her free from the spells of her supremest parents.

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