Having Second Thoughts About Your Secret Crush?

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            “Oh calm down, Father,” Nathan laughed, striding over to the trio and putting his hand on Brook’s shoulder. “Watch your blood pressure or you’re seriously drop dead.”

            Mr. Walker scowled. “Don’t speak to me so familiarly.”

            “She’s not going anywhere, Father. Brook’s not your every day common person; trust me,” Nathan laughed.

            Mr. Walker scowled even deeper, but muttered something that Brook thought sounded like, “Do what you want.”

            Feeling happy enough to burst out into song, she struggled for a straight face when Mr. Walker turned sharply towards her.

            “Just know,” he growled, glaring at her with piercing black flecked eyes, “that you’re on thin ice. I’ll accept you for now, but don’t expect everything to come your way so easily. Guts will only get you so far, and when you’re at a dead end, you better adjust that attitude of yours. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are to change ourselves.”

            Yet, it somehow worked out. There were no longer whispers about Brook throughout the rest of the party. In fact, you could even say that some looked at her with eyes filled with awe.

            Apparently, her little outburst impressed the heads of the other four families. Not that she was too popular with her parents-in-law, but they tolerated her and that was good enough for Brook.

            When the party came to a close, Brook said her goodbyes to new acquaintances, especially her close friend.

            “See you!” Eva smiled, hugging Brook warmly.

            “Later,” Brook laughed.

            As Eva walked away with her parents, a thought from the back of her mind popped up and demanded her attention.

            Did she, Brook thought, deeply troubled. Did she, the most honest and warm person in this room, really frame Will?

            Of course she did, Brook told herself. Will wouldn’t lie about something like that… Would he?

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