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Hayes's POV
As I went to math classes was looking for a chair to sit, I looked at Marina and thought her other seat was taken so I kept looking. "Sit here" she said "is it taken" I ask she nods a 'no'. I sit down next to here while we're doing an assignment I felt someone staring at me so I looked and saw two girls looking at me I knew they were the girls that 'want every guy' but I shrugged it off. I like Marina a little in a crush way but she looks like she is a good friend.

-while doing math assignment-

I was hearing someone singing lightly and I looked it was Marina, she was singing "my everything" by Ariana Grande. I guess she didn't know because he earphones were loud I smiled and continued back to what I was doing.

Shawn's POV
As I was walking out of the classroom to use the restroom I hear someone singing my song which is 'something big' "it's like that feelin' when your about to kill take you lash out you know you gonna hit it something's in the air something's in the air woah ohh oh something big I feel it happen out in my bones push it partying everything cracking feel it in my bones like woah ohh oh woah ohh oh oh something big is happen woah!" The girl I am assuming singed.

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