Karma's a Bitch ...|

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Maya Amour,

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I deserve it, It's all my fault. If I hadn't messed around with Trey, He wouldn't of did it to me, It hurts as bad, again. Never thought he'd do this, Pay back is a bitch. Karma is a bitch, When you win, You loose. I sighed and looked at the picture and text messages over and over again. He must didn't know he had the messages still, I lost my phone and he let me use his to call it, when a text came in from this groupie named Ariana,

"Come thru?"

I sighed and wiped my tears away. I got up and walked downstairs handing him his phone, going to the kitchen not saying a word.

"You find it?"

"Yeah," i lied

"Alright, well- (looks down at phone) Uh, I got to go."

I can't believe this shit, I slept with Trey but we stopped in the middle of it. I couldn't go all the way through with it as much as i wanted too, I knew August been a little distant for the past couple months but he was always the same August to me. Always the lovey dovey man I fell in love with from the jump, I mean, we just had amazing mind blowing sex a couple nights ago... UGh... Forget i said that.


He came over and kissed my cheek, I faked a smile, He looked at me real good

"My, whats wrong?"

"Nothing, Just tired." I lied

"Get some sleep, I'll be back a little later."

"Can't its Girls NIght." i said

"Mm, Well, I will be back later to get MJ."

I nodded. He kissed my forehead and left. I sighed and walked passed him out on the balcony, He came out closing the glass slide door and rubbed my back, Last thing i need is his touch, I slightly shook his hand away from my back

"Maya, what's wrong? You still mad at me for underminding you?"

"NO." i said, "Look, I'm not in the mood. Just- Just leave me alone for a while, Alright?"

"Maya, Whats wrong?"

"August, Go." I said facing him pointing towards the door

"What I do?"

"Figure it out." I yelled

He grabbed my arm, "Maya."


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