The _____ship.

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He just played his masterpiece the nth time as she requested it all over again. He's got the talent and he's got the humor -like he's all in the world she needed but of course, she did not give into yet.

She learned to love guitar and played with it as his student. He was the perfect master she thought. Bashers they both had since Rolly still had Bianca around asking to work out their breakup after the malady. Bianca was a gangster and is still one. Rolly was a boxer and it was their mutual friends who set them up and tied them to be like he goes with it since it was no big deal with him.

Rolly shared how and why they broke up. It was not because of something she or he did but because of something he failed to do. One great patron's feast when the gangsters and his company got along as they were all invited by their host at the time. Not much of alcohol intake but Bianca decided to sleepover and asked Rolly to sleep with her in the guest room. Rolly controlled alcohol since he's an athlete and he knew how sleeping dead he would be when he had much of it so he was absolutely conscious. Bianca attempted the nth time but all he responded was an embrace and a kiss good night. He got up with silk covers and had it on Bianca and whispered at her with finality at his tone: go to sleep now.

In the morning they asked a fresh coconut juice and Rolly volunteered to climb on one tree with many coconut fruits. Bianca exclaimed: don't trust he can climb coz he can't even climb over a silk cover how much more of a coconut height!

Minda grinned as she heard and saw him grimaced portraying how Bianca was in so much temper at the time and excommunicated him for two weeks after. He considered that as their breakup and was never sorry about it. Rolly shared tidbits of his life and she was sure as heaven proud of him. He's full of love and compassion, he had a great desire to uplift their economic strife after his father got blinded at an early age.

Rolly never had to bring anything at school aside from his entire being, pair of slippers, faded shirt and waist level shorts. Minda on the other hand was like a princess with beautiful uniform tightly flitted, silk top and braided hair if not in ponytail or telephone curls. She's got suitors but she never desired a rich man. She's sick with them and they all resemble her fiance at a very young age where she was arranged for marriage at a latter time. She recalled every time James visited her, she always go to bed early skipping dinner and had her mom talk to the guy for an hour.

"I'm not allowed to have any relationship but see I hady fiance. Isn't that ironic of them instilling as a rule but breaking it first hand?"

Minda asked with sarcasm while Rolly was busy writing down the assigned cords she has to perfect and play accordingly tomorrow.

"I don't find anything wrong with what you're mom was doing. Anyway you still have two more years to get over it, decide and be free. Meanwhile, enjoy your studies here and stay longer so we can spend more time together. Okay?"

Minda failed to respond right away since she's not sure with what she heard. She's becoming doubtful now if he is courting or just playing around with her. "alright then" was her only response. She stood and called it a day dismissing him early as her cousin,Elsie from Freshman who, was at the same time, transferee like her in the same school got near them who were sitting under the shades of Talisay tree.

"Alas! I found you here. He was the man whom you said saved you at the gate last six months cousin, right? I think he was the same man who fought fists and skull with Joey the Big Guy? Amazing! Are you two in good terms already? " Elsie waited a reply stamping her feet and folding her arms impatiently.

"No! We're just hanging around and I'm teaching her guitar. So..." Rolly replied when Minda was obviously out in space.

"We're just friends" Minda snapped and stood grabbing her notebook where he said he will write the cords for the morrow's lesson.

There went the cousins and Rolly knew her dissapointment since he's been, to him courting her already but it was hard to say the words and all the more harder for him to stand by her in her family's standards. He's hopeful that she will still come at their meeting shade tomorrow.

"Min, I don't find anything wrong with him. I mean if you love him then go be merry before we'll get transferred again to another location next school year " Elsie adviced her cousin like she was the elder and knew a lot about relationships. Fact is, they're both - NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). At least not the one who decided to.

"How on earth have you known that my dearest? Your a spoiler you know!"

"I wish I really am, cousin. I overheard them talk about it last night and you went to bed early because James had dinner with us. In two years you'll be married there so I bet you want to enjoy how it really feels while we're still here"

"I'm at your back Sissy :)"
Elsie's wide smile comforted her and she almost forgot her doubt of him courting her.

Minda tried to sleep with the thought that his dream guy was just making friends with her. Friendship is what he's doing, not courtship, not courtship. She settled her mind and had her glass of milk to ease her to sleep while scanning the leaves of her notebook. She's finding the cords but what she had was the neatly written lyrics:

I wanna make you smile,
Whenever you're sad.
Carry you around
when your arthritis is bad.
All I wanna do,

She had the complete lyrics neatly written and on the other side was the title alone in bold italics:


Minda asked Peter Pan to bring her in Wanderland that night as she had the sweetest thought and hymns at her mind.

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