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Marina's POV
While we were talking we got interrupted by the bell. We all stand up and walk to are home room class, Nash, Matthew, Kimberly,and Jai go to there home room. While, Hayes, me, Jocelyn, Shawn, and Jennifer go to are homeroom in case if you are wondering we are in the same grade but, some of us are in diffrenet home rooms.

-while walking to class to get our books-
"Marina, what class do we have now" Hayes asks "umm... Math" I say in reply. We got to are class and grabbed are binder,notebook, and mathbook then we went to math class. I can tell the whole time that Molly and Stacey were staring at me and Hayes. Basically, Molly and Stacey are those girls who wants more like desperate for every boy to like them no matter what it takes. As I saw them, I look at Hayes and he seemed kinda annoyed by it but, he just shrugged it off. We got inside of class and Hayes was just looking around were to sit so I whisper yell "come here" "Is it taken" he asks concerned I nodd my head 'no' and he sits down.

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