Chapter 14

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Natsu's POV

I skip my hands into Gray's, my mouth buried in my scarf to keep the cold away.

I started to feel warmer both inside and outside for some strange reason now that I confessed to Gray.

It was like a giant burden had lifted off my heart and troubles, making me more brighter and energetic to the world.

I was letting the cold win before, but now I was resistant and was facing the cold head-on because of Gray's supporting internal warmth.

The cold never bothered me anyway.


Gray's POV

I can't help but smile as I matched strides with Natsu, walking through the snow in the direction of the guild alone.

It put my mind to peace, after the grueling days of struggle that I had gone through to win Natsu's heart.

I looked down at the fire mage, who was giggling like a six year old and sliding on the ice on the sidewalk with his black and orange boots I bought him before heading in the direction of the guild.

Yup, I was glad that he was mine.

I ruffle his hair with my gloves, breathing in the cool, fresh air with a smile and he grins, swatting my arm away.

"Well?" I ask him as we approach the guild.

"Well what?" He asks me back, blinking blankly, and I ask, "Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" He gives me a lost look and I turn all squinty-eyes on him, frustratingly gesturing at the guild with my ridiculous puffy gloves, asking, "We're going to announce the big news right?"

"Yup!" He high-fives me and I rub his back in encouragement as he opens the doors to the interior of the grand building.


Natsu's POV

I blink in surprise as I see everyone looking down at the ground, numb and emotionless.

Everyone seemed so lifeless, even with their colorful parkas and vibrant scarfs.

What really struck me was Lucy curled up in a ball, Levy trying to comfort her, and I open mouth to ask what's wrong, but Gray puts a hand in front of me, telling me to wait.

I watch him in confusion and anxiety as he makes his way to Juvia, who was looking down at her gown with a frown.

I waited at the doorway.

He was whispering something to her, asking her name, and she didn't look up.

He asked again, but she was absorbed in her own thoughts.

Finally, he raised his voice to a yell.

"Juvia, it's Gray!"

His hands were on his hips as she slowly looked up, wide-eyed, and hoarsely stuttered out his name.

Then, I watched with a hint of jealousy as she wrapped her arms around him, crying a river and arousing the people around him.

I huffed, making my way through the crowd of fangirls to claim my rightful Gray.

"Ouch!" He yelped as I dragged him by the arm out of the crowd, muttering under my breath as I made my way to Erza and Wendy, who were staring at us, wide-eyed.

Even Happy, who I forgot was with Carla looked astonished.

"Natsu! Gray!" I was greeted head-on with a giant, blue, furry hug as Happy shot into me, bursting into tears.

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