Chapter 52: Empress The Human Wolf

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Sky's POV:

Danielle kept on screaming " Mom!" when all of a sudden she started to change. Her hair was starting to have a yellow cream highlight and her scent was getting stronger.

As soon she open her eyes her eyes change it wasn't anymore a pair of crystal blue eyes rather than a pair of blue- grey eyes.

The enemy took a step back as soon as they saw her " You'll pay for this!" She growl... Her voice was full of power it also have me me flinch.

" Attack!" Gwen yelled and the rogues follow. They shifted into their wolf form and towards Danielle! But before they could reach to where Danielle was she disappear.

" Looking for me!" she was now behind on one of the rogue but before the rogue could turn Danielle quickly grab his neck and threw him. " Let's help her!" I yelled as soon as I saw her pin down another rogue.

The war wasn't yet over but I know that our pack was wining I was also thankful that nobody got hurt well except for Valentine. The enemy was starting to retreat until only the dead ones were left. Unfortunately Gwen, Chris, Michael and Ranz's father got away first.

Danielle went over to Valentine who is now safe. Nathan got rid of the bullet. Minutes later she started to change back her eyes were again crystal blue and her hair have no more yellow cream highlights.

" I'm gonna take her into a room so she could rest well!" Nathan said to her and she nodded.

As soon as Nathan left I order some wolves to burn the dead bodies when I heard Xander yell

" Lockette!" We turn to see her getting dizzy and any moment ready to collapse but before her body fall on the ground Xander got to her and pick her up in bridal style and went to where I was.

I gave me a confused look when his stopped in front of me " I miss Lockette too but I know I'll be interfering the mate bond if I let myself carry her back home. You two need to talk " he smiled as he gave me Danielle. I thank him and we all went back as soon as the dead bodies were now piles of ashes.

Danielle's POV:

Where I am? All I see is white?

" Nice to see Danielle!" I turn to see Empress smiling. Why is she smiling?

" Cause I'm happy to see you and I'm glad that you let love and goodness inside your heart!" I gave her a confused look
" I can read your mind you know" she chuckled


" By the way what happen out there? It felt like someone took over. I mean I was there but my mind and body was being controlled!"

" I took over!"

" WHAT!" I yelled

" Don't you love your wolf form?"

" What are you talking about? I thought you are a human? I'm human! How am I suppose to shift into a wolf? Just like you said I'm just a human who just happen to have a wolf blood!" I said crossing my arms.

She didn't say a word but she just step aside and behind her was a mirror. I never thought there was a mirror behind her.

" Come here!" and I did what she said

I stand infront of the mirror and she then place her hand on each of my shoulders.

" Look carefully!"

I look carefully at the mirror suddenly my eyes change into a pair of blue - grey eyes " Whoah!" I tooked a step back when I saw my eyes.

" That's you when I took over but you still have the control" Empress said. Then all of the sudden my hair started to have a yellow cream highlights " That's you when I took the control... Well that's your wolf form!"

" My wolf form! It's beautiful!" I admit

" you have a rare blood that's why you sometimes dreamn't those nightmares!" I looked at her " What do they want from my blood?"

" Like I said.. You have a rare blood.. You have a human blood more like a hunter blood.. That blood is the rarest and the strongest blood of all!"

I was about to open my mouth but she stop me " now befor I let you go... Promise me that you will train using your wolf form... It's is a very rare one.... The only one " she smiled and I smiled back

" Now go my child.......... You must warn everybody to get ready for the upcoming war! "

" Wait! What? War? When? " I asked but everything started to disappear.

I started to hear voice I groan as I open my eyes " Guys! She's awake!" Someone yelled.

" Lockette!" Knight yelled and gave me a hug.. " You almost gave me a heart attack!" and I chuckled. " Since when did you started to have heart attack" I tease.

" DANIELLE! " I let go of Knight only to be squeeze by Shine, Xaria, Brier, Amy and Zara.... " Guys.... Can't breathe!" I fake out

They all let go of me then my eyes spotted on Sky who has mixed emotions on his but he came towards me and gave me a hugged. " I thought I lost you.... I'm so sorry Danielle..... " he whisper

" shhh... I'm sorry I didn't believe you..... Please forgive me! I whisper back

" I could never be mad at you... I love you so much... " then he kissed my forehead " I love you too..!" I said as I wrap my arms around him.

" Whoooo!!!! " the others clapped for joy.

I saw Stephan with May and James. I let Sky go and went towards May and James first.. After I hug them I looked at Stephan who has mixed emotions as well. But I now I know the real story so now I know what to do....

" Dad!" I said as I gave him a hug. I could feel tears both in our eyes.. But let's just say that I'm happy.. We also heard someone cleared their throat and we saw Valentine who is now ok but still looks weak..

" Mom!" As I gave her a hug... " My daugther! You're so beautiful...." She said as she gave me a hug.

" Thank you for taking good care of my daughter" she told May and James and they gave her a smile.

" Guys... I hate to break the moment but the enemy got away and we need to capture them!" Sky's father said.

" We need to get ready for the upcoming war and it will be soon! I said.

" Ok! I will have some wolves to double their patrol.. I will join them as well. We will start training in the morning!" Sky said using his Alpha tone.


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