3. Atlanta

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My mom woke me up, she said she and my dad had a surprise for me so they covered my eyes and took me to the car.

We arrived at the airport and I was still had my eyes covered, so we did the check-in and all the stuff and travelled to somewhere that I didn't know.

When we arrived there my parents covered my eyes again and someone came pick us up, my parents and that woman talked all the time, her voice was familiar to me but i didn't gave importance to it.

We arrived at a house and my parents uncovered my eyes and there he was...

Jaden Walton, in front of his house, smiling and waiting for me to run hug he. And I obviously did it, I jumped on his arms and started crying.

(second 0:42 & imagine you are in front of his house)

My parents left and told me that i was staying there all the summer so I was so happy about it, he introduces to me his parents and siblings (u already knew them but in person u know) and invited me to go to his room and that's what we did.

Jayla and Javon came after like an hour and we were laying on his bed watching and doing tiktoks and Jayla started a live and we joined but Javon left because had to go boxing.

(you're Kylee & it's so long so u don't have to watch it all)

We ended the live and you and Jayla decided to go annoy Jaden a little bit so we went to his room and started dancing in his bed.

He joined and put some music and we were all dancing in Jaden's bed 'till Javon opened the door and we all started laughing.

Like 5 minutes after we went down stairs because Jessica yelled our names and she  and Dj said we were going have dinner on a restaurant so we got ready and left home.

After having dinner we went for a walk amd then arrived home and went to sleep.

I slept with Jaden because there weren't more beds and his parents trusted on us and knew we weren't gonna do anything.

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