Chapter 2. Unpacking

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"King get up we're here."

My mom lightly shook me till my eyes opened and I yawned. We're here already? I got out of the car and stretched out my body. The smell of freshly cooked food hit my nose making my stomach growl.

"Did you guys buy food?" I asked.

"Yeah jack n' box" My dad said.

"Where is it?"

"You can wait till we're inside."

"But I'm hungry." I whined.

"Too bad." My mom said.

I looked at the house and it was a two story house with a swing hooked to a tree, a balcony, and a three car garage space. The house was a beautiful cream color surrounded by the forest. Which I quickly noted to myself stay away from creepy looking trees because there was probably monster's hiding in their.

"Are you coming?" My mom asked.

My parents were already standing by the front door looking at me. I walked to where they were and my dad put the key in and unlocked the door. He turned on the lights and walked in.

"Welcome to our new home." He said.

I was completely shocked a chandelier hung in between the living room and the entrance way. The walls were a beige color, the kitchen was black and white with a huge island counter in the middle and the house has a lot space so I don't know if our old furniture is gonna look good in here.

"So do you like it?" He asked.

"I love it! how did you even afford a place like this?"

"This place was abandoned so we got approved rather quickly."

"Abandoned? Maybe I should sleep in the car and wait for a priest to come bless the house." I said.

"This house is not ghost infested."

"You say that now but wait till you get dragged down the hallway by an invisible person."

They laughed at me when I was being completely serious. My dad was holding my mom by her waist who stood a few inches shorter then him. They've been together ever since they were sixteen and now there forty-three but they can easily be passed for thirty. I always admired their relationship I hope one day I to find the same thing they have.

"Okay your room is up on the second floor."

I walked upstairs and opened the door to my new room. I have my own walk in closet and my own bathroom this must be the second master bedroom I thoughtto myself. In the corner there was a window seat that looks out to the forest. I walked to the window and opened it to get some fresh air in here. My room had boxes everywhere. My pillow, blankets and my sheets laid on my mattress that sat on the floor. I guess that's where I'm sleeping tonight.

"King come down here if you want your food!" My mom yelled.

I quickly raced out the room and down stairs. I'm surprised that I didn't fall I usually do with my clumsy self.

"Somebody's hungry." My dad said laughing after hearing the thumping sounds I made.

"I'm always hungry."

They laughed and she handed me the bag of food.

"Your shake is in the car." My mom said.

"You got me a shake."

I started to make fake crying noises

"Man you guys are the best!" I said.

"She's so over dramatic sometimes." My mom said.

"That's your daughter!" He said.

"No that's our daughter!" My mom corrected  him while glaring  at him.

"I'm standing right here!"

"Just go get your shake!" They both yelled.

"Ok jeez calm down." I walked out with my hands up in the air.

I set the bag of food down on the counter and walked out the front door. I opened the car door and got my shake. It was an Oreo shake which was my favorite! I locked the car door and then the front door when I got inside. I grabbed my food and walked up stairs into my room.

"Goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight darling." They replied back.

I heard their door shut then I shut mines. I sat on my bed and ate my food It was gone in a matter of minutes. I plugged in my charger and slurped down the last bit of my shake then I threw it in the trash. I opened my suitcase and got out my tooth brush and tooth paste. I bushed my teeth and made my bed. I turned off the lights and climbed into bed.

(next day)


I groaned but rolled off the bed onto the floor. I sat up and rubbed my eyes that wasn't a smartest idea to roll off the bed. I got up and walked down stairs to see our old furniture and boxes.

"Come on child we don't have all day!" My mom rushed.

"Okay I'm coming."

I followed her into the kitchen.

"I need you to help me put away these dishes?" She demanded.

"Really mom you yelled at me for that!"

"Well I wasn't gonna walk all the way up there to tell you to get up."

I rolled my eye's and unwrapped the dishes putting them neatly in the cabinet till there was no more left.

"There are two boxes that has appliance's written on them in the living room can you bring them in here?" She asked.

I nodded and walked in living room looking for the boxes that said appliances on them. I found them under a lot of boxes so I took them off one by one till I got to the first box that I needed. I put the box into they kitchen and then did the same thing to the last box I needed. I opened the boxes and set them up on the counter top then we moved onto the living room.

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